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How to Play Fortnite on Split Screen (Xbox and PlayStation)

How to Play Fortnite on Split Screen (Xbox and PlayStation)
Written by: qasali038

Split-screen is a fantastic way of playing Fortnite with your pals on the very same display. PlayStation and Xbox users may make use of it whereas this functionality isn't accessible for mobile, PC, or Nintendo Switch users. And now that Chapter 3 has been out, it's time to gather your buddies and discover what the game has to offer. As a result, in this article, we'll show you how to enable and use the split screen in Fortnite Chapter 3.



Split Screen in Fortnite


Fortnite is an online multiplayer battle royale game with single-player and co-op options. Furthermore, Fortnite's split-screen capability enables individuals to play in a couch co-op multiplayer mode. As a result, the game's split-screen functionality is critical. This is one of Fortnite's most distinctive characteristics.


In December 2019, a fresh update added Split Screen to the popular battle royale from Epic Games. How to play Fortnite on split-screen? This option is only available to gamers on PS4, PS5 and Xbox One. First, make sure you have the latest update downloaded.


how to do split screen on fortnite


In the main menu, where the squad is formed, activate the second gamepad. Then start searching for a match by selecting the appropriate mode. After that, the preliminary stage of preparation will begin, and then the bus will “take you” to a brighter future. Jump out at the right point and try to stick together.


Keep in mind that having Split Screen on Xbox One and PS4 platform narrows your viewing angle. It is more difficult to navigate and study the situation from behind since a sharp camera turn will be required to observe the enemy approaching from the direction of the storm. Constant coordination with a partner through voice chat will increase the chances of winning.




How to Play Fortnite on Split Screen on Xbox and PS4


It's the same as previously for anyone wondering how to play split-screen on PS4 and Xbox. When this is activated again, users will get the opportunity to connect with other players in the bottom right of the lobby screen. This will allow the player with whom you are playing to log into their own account.




Player 1 will still retain charge of the lobby, have accessibility to their lockers, and be able to do anything as usual. Player 2 can just enjoy the game and cannot alter the settings or choose the game mode. Player 2 has the opportunity, though, to seize control of the lobby.




Follow the steps below to play split-screen on Xbox, PS4, PS5:


  • Open Fortnite on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.
  • Select the main menu option.
  • Connect and power up the second controller.
  • On your console, the secondary account must be signed in.
  • Change your accounts and start Fortnite.
  • At the bottom right of the screen, player 1 will have the opportunity to invite player 2.
  • When a match is confirmed, the split-screen will immediately activate just after the invitation.
  • When playing split-screen, you can't play alone. So you may play as a duet or as a team.



How to Fix Fortnite Split Screen Not Working


Although there is presently no formal solution for the problem. You may, however, actively search for a split-screen mode in the game. This will inform you when the function is accessible again. When the feature will return is unknown. Meanwhile, here are several workarounds:


  • If you're having trouble with the split-screen option in the game, you may restart it. The split-screen functionality may be resolved by just restarting the game.


  • When starting a game, make sure you have a second controller connected. Because the game recognizes when a second controller is attached to the system, this is crucial.


  • If you're experiencing trouble with Fortnite's split-screen functionality, make sure you're signed in to the second user's profile with an additional controller whenever you're requested.
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