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Everything You Need To Know About Fortnite Chapter 4

Everything You Need To Know About Fortnite Chapter 4
Written by: Mohsin

Fortnite Chapter 4 was officially released on 4th December with a new map, secret features, and a whole lot more. You can explore the new realm and transport through various ways such as dirt bikes, rolling in a snowball, or launching yourself with a Shockwave Hammer!


Not only that, a bunch more stuff was added to the new Chapter, which we will discuss in this article. So, now is the best time to get into the game if you haven’t played for some time or just want to know about the new cool stuff added to it!


Following is a list of all the new features in Fortnite Chapter 4, so check it out!



A New Map




Starting off with a whole new map and points of interest, such as the new castle at The Citadel. There is also a peaceful-looking town in the forest known as Anvil Square, a farmland known as Frenzy Fields, and a mining facility known as Shattered Slabs.


The new map also includes the snowy mountains of Brutal Bastion, where players can ride in snowballs to crush their enemies. This map contains plenty of secrets and mysteries that are just waiting to be discovered.







The Augment System is something that was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4 and is relatively new. As time goes by in a match, you will be given a choice between two Reality Augments. The longer a player is in the match, the more Augments they can collect until the match’s end.


These Augments work as perks that give players an advantage that helps them to stay alive in the game. There are Augments such as “Light Fingers” that will give you faster reload speed with weapons that use light ammo, and “Mechanical Archer” will provide you with explosives and a shockwave bow.


There are more Augments such as “Aerialist,” which will grant players a Glider redeploy for the remainder of the match, “Supercharged,” which will give the vehicles increased health and won’t consume much health, and “Soaring Sprints,” which will give you the ability to jump higher and jump with lower gravity while sprinting.


Keep in mind that you can reroll these Augments to get ones that you like or get the ones that will help you get your dub.



New Vehicle


Players can also finally ride motorcycles in the game to add some savageness to their gameplay. The bikes come with a stunt mechanic that rewards players based entirely on the complexity of their flips and tricks.



New Weapons


Although the weapons in Chapter 3, Season 4 were vaulted, you won’t feel the loss much due to the introduction of more exciting weapons in the latest season.


The top two most awesome weapons are the Ex-calibur, which is a semi-automatic rifle that throws blades and detonates after a couple of seconds, and the Shockwave Hammer, which lets players launch themselves as well as their teammates away from their enemies.


Following is a full list of all the new weapons:


  • Ex-calibur Rifle
  • Red Eye Assault Rifle
  • Shockwave Hammer
  • Tactical Pistol
  • Maven Auto Shotgun
  • Thunder Shotgun


There are also new provisions in Fortnite Chapter 4, such as Slap Berries, that will give you some health and short-term unlimited energy to sprint longer. There is another provision known as Slap Juice that does the same, but the effects will be much greater.


There are also Sky Jellies that will give you some health, but you have to be careful as it bounces you back.



New Battle Pass


Every Season brings with it a new Battle Pass, but the Battle Pass in Chapter 4 is stacked! It has a new UI with tons of new characters that are amazing, like Selene and her other variant Moonglow Selene.


There is also Masai and her Air Walker variant, and there is the Doom Slayer guy himself with his awesome glider. Then, there is Dusty, an animated character known as Nezumi, Helsie, and another gentleman known as The Ageless.


This Battle Pass will feature drops of alternate colors of skin, and it also includes Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher series.



Oathbound Chests And The Ageless


One of Chapter 4’s locations, The Citadel, is a huge tower where The Ageless lives. You should think twice before taking him on as he wields the Ex-Caliber Rifle and the Shockwave and has tons and tons of health.


If you want to grab hold of these weapons, fighting this boss is a surefire way to get them. However, you can also get them through different means, such as through regular chests (although rarely). But there are more chances of them being found in Oathbound Chests, a new kind of chest that can be discovered in the medieval areas of the map.



Graphical Improvements




The most impressive and largest change in the new season was Fortnite Chapter 4’s photos engine. The new chapter has upgraded to Unreal Engine 5.1, which makes use of new aspects such as Virtual Shadow Maps, Nanite, Temporal Super Resolution, and Lumen.


If you are launching the new Fortnite Chapter 4 on a platform that has the ability to run these features, then the differences can be easily and instantly noticeable.

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