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Fortnite x MrBeast Burger Crossover

Fortnite x MrBeast Burger Crossover
Written by: Shizza

Epic Games has been a huge supporter of content creators and YouTubers over the years. Many of Fortnite's successes are due to the creators and YouTubers who make it popular on YouTube and Twitch.


Many Fortnite collaborations have taken place with content creators through the Icon Series of cosmetics and events. So, it was not a shock to players when they found out about the collaboration of Fortnite with MrBeast, but the type of collaboration was strange for them.


The news of a Fortnite crossover with MrBeast was leaked a few days before its release, and the fans found it strange. MrBeast is mostly popular for giving away his money for free in his strange Youtube games and rewards his fans for participating in them.


Moreover, MrBeast also owns his very own fast-food chain, MrBeast Burgers, founded in December 2020. This news was confirmed in the FNCS Invitational 2022, which is among the biggest Fortnite tournaments since the Fortnite World Cup that took place in 2019.


The event featured the Fortnite mascot, the Durr Burger, who came on and announced the collaboration with MrBeast Burgers.



Fortnite x MrBeast Burger Crossover


MrBeast Burger is a virtual restaurant launched on 19 December 2020. It was created by Planet Hollywood mogul Robert Earl’s Virtual Dining Concepts and leverages YouTuber MrBeast’s branding.


Being a virtual restaurant, this fast-food chain does not have any fixed locations where customers can walk by, sit, and eat. In order to offer MrBeast Burger's food for mail-order online only, the Company licenses or contracts with other restaurants.


Epic Games had a surprise awaiting the participants at the FNCS Invitational. The surprise was a large MrBeast Burger statue depicting a Durr Burger with the MrBeast Burger logo in his mouth.


Furthermore, a wall behind the statue had the words “MrBeast Burger x Fortnite” written on it. Epic Games gave no more details, but the fans started to come up with their own theories and began to murmur.


It is highly possible for MrBeast or the MrBeast Burger brand to somehow make it into the battle royale. There are other prospects in the running too. We do know that the collaboration will be announced at a live event, so it might happen that Epic Games will launch  Durr Burger for the fast-food chain.


Some fans expect a customary collaboration with MrBeast in Fortnite, meaning they are hoping for a MrBeast skin and maybe an in-game Fortnite event too.


Considering it is Fortnite and anything can happen, so we are keeping our hopes up that it might be all of the above.

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