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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Leaks, Battle Pass, Theme & Trailer

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Leaks, Battle Pass, Theme & Trailer
Image Credit: Epic Games
Written by: ar1essss

Fortnite Chapter 3’s 2nd season is almost at an end. According to the Battle Pass in game, we’re quite sure that it is less than 2 weeks until the season comes to its epic conclusion. With that said, we set our eyes on the final moments of Season 2, as well as on Season 3! Season 3 has been hyped up to be one of the most game changing seasons that will come into Fortnite. It’ll come with new map changes, new changes to the gameplay, and of course, a good old-fashioned brand-new Battle Pass!



Fortnite Season 3 Release Date


Season 3 is right on the horizon. According to the Battle Pass for Season 2, it will only last up until June 4th. That means we almost have Season 3 in our grasp, less than two weeks until it’s finally out! This also means that Season 2 will see its Season Finale event somewhere around June 4th, and we’ll be able to see the epic culmination of the IO vs Seven war!




Fortnite Season 3 Map Details


Now, there is barely any information around in regard to the map in Season 3. Though, we don’t expect huge changes such as the Blimps that were brought into Season 2, or the huge changes that were there in the beginning of Chapter 3. We expect smaller changes such as Commando Cavern being blown up, and the Seven taking over the Island in a more climactic way.


photo_2022 05 21_09 35 18
There is also a resurgence of fan favorite locations such as Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove, Camp Cuddle, and so on. So, if that’s any indication of where Epic wants to take its map design, then that means we might be seeing some fan favorite locations making a return. I, for one, would personally love to see a return to Tomato Town, Wailing Woods, or even Flushy Factory! 


photo_2022 05 21_09 36 24


There have also been rumors that the snow will be completely wiped out from the map, which is something we’re not fans of personally. However, if a supersaturated, highly green map is what makes the game feel more oxygenated, then we’re all for it! Just the variety of locations should be larger, and the game should be as pretty as always!



Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass


This time around, no one knows a single thing about what to expect from the Battle Pass. There are speculations that there might be a Thor: Love and Thunder themed Battle Pass, as the film is releasing sometime in July or August, which is when the new Battle Pass will also be coming to an end. However, there are other rumors such as a Star Wars themed Battle Pass, though that seems a bit more far-fetched as we just had a May the 4th sale in the Item Shop. 


However, there have been some leaks and some rumors circulating on Twitter, which showcased a couple of different skin designs which might end up making it into the Battle Pass for Season 3. 



It’s not confirmed that we will have all of these skins in the Battle Pass for Season 3, but there is a huge chance that we will see some if not most of these skins making it in as well as even showing up in other items shop bundles and Fortnite Crew, perhaps. Fortnite tends to never waste their resources, and they hardly ever sell you reskin of previous skins. So, take this with a grain of salt, but it should be noticed that Epic is always delivering with their skins!




Fortnite Season 3 Trailer


Now, while we don’t have a full-fledged trailer as yet, the game has seen a change in the in-game menu at the moment and that might be a sign that we’re going to have a bombastic event. The moon base of the Seven is what we’ll see Mecha Cuddle landing from, and we’re most likely going to see a battle unlike any other on the Fortnite Island.




Fortnite Season 3 Theme


This is something we won’t know about until we reach the end of the Second Season. However, from what we know so far, we’re going to see a humongous large scale battle between our Mecha Bear and a Kaiju of sorts. What does this mean for the Island? Well, a lot of destruction and devastation, that much is for sure. The upcoming season of Fortnite might be about rebuilding the Island, or if not rebuilding, then at least starting again with new locations and new NPC characters to interact with. 





This is all the relevant information that we have on Fortnite Season 3 yet, but as more information comes out, we’ll be the first to notify you here! 

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