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Best Landing Spots In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Best Landing Spots In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1
Written by: Mohsin

Epic Games has once again thoroughly shaken up the map of Fortnite in Chapter 4 Season 1, with a mix of old and new locations. The latest season has brought some amazing changes to the game.


Some of these changes include the introduction of an entirely new Island appearing at the start of Season 1, new bikes that players can ride, and many crossovers fans were eagerly waiting for, such as My Hero Academia, Doom, and The Witcher.



Needless to say that with the introduction of a new island comes a new map full of POIs and landmarks for players to discover. Many of them are perfectly relevant to the medieval theme of the latest season, like the houses at Faulty Splits and the Castle at The Citadel.


Moreover, there is also a frozen biome and an old-school farm that players can freely explore. In order to get used to the map and master it, players will have to spend time figuring out which spot is the best for them to land in with all of these changes.


This article consists of a list of five of the best landing spots players can go for in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Here it is!



1. Lonely Labs


2023 01 20_3


If you are the type of gamer who plays more on the defensive side than the offensive, i.e., you prefer to avoid gunfights and sneak your way to the end of the match, then the Lonely Labs is the perfect place to land for you after abandoning the Battle Bus.


Lonely Labs is far away and out of the map, so you will not find many players to fight against. However, there is still a large number of ammo boxes and chests for you to search through, as well as tons of vehicles and zip lines which will help you get out of there before you become a victim of the Storm.



2. Shattered Slabs


2023 01 20_5


The Shattered Slabs is the ultimate landing spot is for players who are fans of fast-paced and frantic gameplay. The major attraction here is the Kinetic Ore which players can strike a couple of times before launching at their opponents.


Also, there are many traversal options, such as dirt bikes and zip lines, spread all around for you to try out. The Shattered Slabs have been designed in such a way that a great deal of hiding spots are present for players to help them land a surprise attack on their enemies.


This landing spot also includes some underground tunnels that make this specific POI way more interesting than it might seem at first glance.



3. Frenzy Fields


2023 01 20_8


Frenzy Fields is enough to make a long-time Fortnite player feel a little nostalgic as it bears several similarities to the Chapter 2 location called Frenzy Farm. The spot consists of a capture point, an upgrade bench, tons of floor loot, an abundance of dirt bikes, two Weapon-o-matics, and much more.


So, there are so many things that players can do in this specific location. Frenzy Fields is different from all the other POIs that are full of tiny hiding spots and buildings. Rather, it is wide open, proving to be useful for players who wish for quick shootouts and prefer to use long-range weapons such as the SMR to snipe their enemies from far away.



The Frenzy Fields is also one of the most beautiful locations with the new 5.1 Unreal Engines, so you will have plenty of fun after landing on it!



4. The Citadel


2023 01 20_6


The Cital, even though located all the way to the western side of the map, actually feels like the central POI in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. It is a gigantic, sprawling castle consisting of tons of corridors and rooms that players can explore.


Moreover, players will definitely find a huge amount of useful items and weapons here in Oathbound Chests as well as regular Chests. This POI is also amazingly varied as it covers such a large amount of ground.


If you are a player who wishes to be right in the center of all the action, then you should go to the main castle and go against The Ageless Champion boss along with other Fortnite players. However, if you want something quieter, then you should check out the buildings and towers around the area for some useful loot.



5. Faulty Splits


2023 01 20_10


If we are talking about pure loot, then Faulty Splits should be your number one go-to POI to land at in the game. The spot consists of 57 regular Chests scattered throughout this location, along with five top-tier Oathbound Chests to be found if you travel a little southeast out of the town.


Also, if you are not quite satisfied with the weapons you have, then Scrapknight Jules is here for the rescue who sells an Epic Rarity Assault Rifle or Rocket Launcher. Both of these weapons are present on the Best Weapons list for Fortnite.


Aside from all of that, Faulty Splits is one of the most visually pleasing and interesting locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, in which a modern city is mixed with an old-school medieval town.



That was everything there is to know about some of the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1!

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