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Fortnite Grind Rails: Locations, and How To Ride Them

Fortnite Grind Rails: Locations, and How To Ride Them
Written by: iamharoongill

Recently, Fortnite released Chapter 4 Season 2, bringing a plethora of new features to the island. Among the exciting additions this season, the Grind Rails stand out as noteworthy. These rails allow players to ride them similarly to the game's popular zip lines.


2023 03 15_5


What sets Grind Rails apart from other modes of transportation is that players can attack enemies and heal themselves with items while riding them. With this feature in mind, let's explore how you can grind on rails in the latest season of Fortnite.




How To Ride On Grind Rails in Fortnite


To ride on Grind Rails all you have to do is jump on one of the neon trails, and you'll automatically start grinding in the direction you choose.


While grinding, players don't have to do anything to control their movement, but they can speed up by pressing the forward movement key. If they want to slow down or change direction, they can hold down the backward movement key.


2023 03 15_10


One of the most exciting things about Grind Rails is that players can multitask while riding them. They can shoot at enemies or use items to recover their health and shield.


Riding on Grind Rails can also help complete the Week 0 quest that requires players to restore 100 health or shield points while sliding down a Grind Rail.



Where To Find Grind Rails


Currently, Grind Rails in Fortnite can only be found in two locations: inside MEGA City or towards the west of Kenjutsu Crossing. You can easily locate the new area by exploring the futuristic biome in the southeastern corner of the map. If you're interested in trying out the Grind Rails, make sure to land in one of these spots.


So, that's all you need to know about the Grind Rails feature, including where to find them!

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