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How to Eat Ice Cream Cones in Fortnite

How to Eat Ice Cream Cones in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Dive into the summer vibes with Fortnite's latest event, Summer Escape, available from the 4th to the 18th of July. The event offers an array of quests, and one of the simplest to achieve involves hunting down and consuming the newly introduced ice cream cones in the game.


With five delicious flavors at your disposal—standard, spicy, frozen, guzzling, and Lil Whip’s exclusive scoop—these sweet treats can be found throughout Fortnite's vibrant island. To claim the 30,000 XP reward of the Summer Escape’s ice cream cone quest, you’ll have to eat at least five of these delights. Sounds like a piece of cake, doesn't it?


Should you find yourself struggling to locate these ice cream cones or puzzled about how to eat them, don't fret. Below is a comprehensive guide to assist you in completing this refreshing Summer Escape quest and proceeding to the next exciting challenge.





Where to Find Ice Cream Cones in Fortnite


Finding ice cream cones in Fortnite is a treat in itself. They can emerge from chests or floor loot, but the highest likelihood is discovering them in ice machines and coolers. It implies that areas like gas stations, camping sites, and locales near expansive water bodies are your best bet to locate more ice cream cones in Fortnite.




For Chapter 4, Season 3, we suggest touching down at the fuel station adjacent to the water body southeast of the Rumble Ruins and the bridge. An ice machine might spawn here, but if luck isn't on your side, simply pop over to the caravan camping site across the way and scout around for coolers.


Next, you can zipline eastwards to inspect two cliffside campsites for ice cream cones as potential cooler spawns or floor loot. Then, swing by the fuel station situated between Slappy Shores and Creeky Compound to check if any ice machines have appeared. Following this route, you can successfully gather all 5 ice cream cones necessary for the Summer Escape challenge.



Fortnite Ice Cream Cone Locations


Boost your odds of securing ice cream cones in Fortnite by focusing your efforts on raiding coolers and ice machines. These loot containers frequently appear at places like gas stations, camping zones, and regions neighboring substantial water expanses. For a proven strategy to procure ice cream cones, try kicking off your journey at the fuel station southeast of Rumble Ruins. Investigate this spot meticulously, with particular attention to the coolers, as they are apt to conceal the prized sweets.




Having exhausted the potential of the gas station, chart a course eastward and utilize the ziplines in the vicinity to reach the cliff-based campsites. Scour these areas carefully, on the lookout for ice cream cones either in the form of floor loot or stashed in coolers. If fortune favors you, you might unearth the coveted treats.


For an additional chance at finding the treats, navigate your way to the fuel station nestled between Creeky Compound and Slappy Shores. This location may spawn ice machines, offering yet another shot at bagging ice cream cones. By adhering to this suggested trajectory, you can streamline your hunt and amass the necessary ice cream cones to triumph in challenges and savor the boons they provide in your Fortnite escapades.



How to eat ice cream cones in Fortnite


To conquer the "Eat Ice Cream Cones" task in Fortnite, gamers must locate and ingest 5 Ice Cream Cones. These sweet treats are scattered in various locations, popping up as floor loot, treasures in chests, or hidden within ice machines and coolers. To relish an ice cream cone, players should equip it in the same way they would a weapon and then hit the fire/use the button to consume it.





There are five kinds of ice cream cones in Fortnite:

  1. Regular Ice Cream Cone: Gain HP
  2. Spicy: Restores health and enhances movement speed
  3. Frozen: Grants icicle feet and renders surfaces slippery
  4. Guzzling: Gradually restores health
  5. Lil-Whip's Special Serve: Slurp effect, Restores health, and shields





The fun and thrill of Fortnite have been further sweetened by the addition of ice cream cones to the game. These delightful in-game treats are scattered across the map, adding a tasty twist to your quests. From gas stations to campsites, coolers to ice machines, the journey to find these ice creams becomes an exciting treasure hunt.


Each ice cream flavor provides its own unique advantage, making it more than just a quest item - it's a strategic game-changer that could restore health, boost speed, create a slippery scenario, or even restore shields. Consuming these treats is as easy as equipping a weapon and hitting the fire/use button, adding a fun and refreshing aspect to the gameplay.


So as you venture into the exciting world of Fortnite, remember to stay cool and keep an eye out for those ice cream cones. Not only will they help you complete the 'Eat Ice Cream Cones' challenge, but they'll also provide some beneficial perks to aid you in your battles. The world of Fortnite has never tasted so sweet!


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