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Drafkings Game Rocket Review for US in 2023

Drafkings Game Rocket Review for US in 2023
Written by: GreenMcqueen

Draftkings rocket game is a step in a fresh direction. This game pushes boundaries and doesn't operate within the same confines as the traditional gambling games that prominent providers usually offer.


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What Is Draftkings Rocket?


With so many casinos and sportsbooks online, reputable and bonafide operators like Draftkings are exploring other options to attract fresh customers. The Draftkings Rocket game is a mini-game aimed at people looking for something a little different from the standard games on display. The game itself is straightforward, involving a rocket that gradually climbs, and as it does, the multiplier increases along with it.




If you're wondering how to play the Draftkings Rocket game, there's no set way to play. For instance, you don't have to employ any strategy or technique like playing poker. The rocket takes off and randomly explodes, signalling the end of the game. However, the missile can push towards a multiplier of 100x, or it can explode after 1.5x and take your stake. As with any casino game or sports bet, it's the complete luck of the draw. So even though it doesn't follow the exact blueprint, there is still a house edge of around 3%.



Positives Of Draftkings Rocket


The thing that immediately sticks out with this game is the inventive angle. Mini-games are a burgeoning market as they are aiming to bring in a wave of fresh customers. However, it's important that these providers, even ones with the size and reputation of Draftkings, can get it right.


This game comes with all the expected features - an autoplay feature and an automatic cash out. Some reviewers have stated that they're unsure where the house edge comes into focus in this game. As we have pointed out, the rocket could explode almost immediately once the game starts, as it is randomly generated. It is here where the house is able to gain the upper hand, despite the random nature of the algorithm.


This isn't a positive, but it isn't necessarily a negative either, as each casino game has to have some sort of house edge for the operator to host it on their site. Other positives that stick out include the graphics, the potential max payout, and the animation of the rocket. Understanding and knowing how to play Draftkings Rocket is a positive too, because it's truly a simple game.

The leaderboard is on show throughout the game. It highlights how many people are on the rocket at the beginning and the point at which they jump off. All of this helps to sell the game as an interesting package.



Negatives Of Draftkings Rocket Game


The game itself is relatively basic, and the winner is entirely random. Some people who played this game said there is an issue with playing on a mobile device, specifically tablets, and iPads.

However, we reviewed this game across all compatible devices and found no problems on iOS or Android. If you're looking for a gambling game with some strategy involved and a bit of technique, this isn't what you're aiming for.


Draftkings Rocket is essentially a slot machine game. It has a built-in, sophisticated algorithm that triggers randomly at any stage. While the animation works and is positive, the game's basic nature could be negative for some players. Even though it's designed as a throwaway-style mini-game, some gamers have commented that they get bored quickly. Still, again, that's something that depends on your preference. Just because a game is one-dimensional doesn't mean it's dull or unappealing. We certainly didn't encounter this when we play Draftkings Rocket anyway. Yes, it's not the most groundbreaking game ever created, but nothing everything needs to be a grand project; it can just be a simple game that provides entertainment.



Are There Top Prizes Or Bonuses Involved?


The rocket draftkings have prepared for a liftoff might look dazzling when it's heading for a 20 or 30x multiplier, but there's no bonus involved. The top prize can spiral all the way up to 100x, but this is rare. Anything over 20x is rare, but the algorithm dictates the rocket's speed and the payout amount. So no, there's no bonus involved. You can use a bonus code to play the game, but it only has the top prize of a large multiplier. Some may see this as a negative because there are no other additional bonus features. However, it helps sell the game's design's basic nature and easy playability. Less is sometimes more; if you play slot machine games, you'll be more aware of this than most. You can also use the Draftkings promo code to sign up and enjoy this feature.



Overall Gameplay


Given that it's a simple case of selecting your stake and deciding when to eject yourself from the digital rocket Draftkings has spent so much time designing, the gameplay isn't going to strain your brain too much. As we say, it's similar to slot gaming. It's a case of unwinding and enjoying the game for what it is. If you're looking for a challenge or mental stimulation, Draftkings poker tables might be a better option. However, the overall gameplay is light, and the game is easy to get on board with - we give it an 8/10.



Final Words On Draftkings Rocket


The gameplay is such a considerable portion of this game. So our 8/10 rating stretches to the overall game too. We experienced no issues across a range of devices or encountered problems on more traditional displays such as PCs or laptops. Truthfully, we felt like the game was better on an iPad because the bigger screen works a lot better for the nature of the game.


Mini-games indicate how big providers like Draftkings think outside the box to keep people playing the games on their site. In addition, they help attract people who might be intrigued by unique gambling offerings rather than traditional markets, which is what the Draftkings rocket game does strikingly well.


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