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EA FC 24 — How the Competitive Scene Is Shaping Up

EA FC 24 — How the Competitive Scene Is Shaping Up
Written by: GreenMcqueen

With the release of EA FC 24, fans of the hugely successful soccer video game franchise have a brand new opportunity to get involved in a huge tournament with large sums of money up for grabs for the winners. The ePremier League is back as Electronic Arts Inc. and the Premier League partner up for the sixth season of the competition, which is being played on the new EA FC 24 video game. Players will be able to play their favorite team and battle against others to progress through the rounds with the hopes of winning it all and taking home a substantial cash prize. 



Features of the Tournament




The tournament will take place on EA Sports FC 24, which was released back in September 2023, and the total prize pool is an impressive £100,000. In addition to this, the winners will be invited to watch live esports games at both the FC Pro World Championships as well as the UEFA eChampions League. The tournament will run slightly differently compared to previous years, with the finals of the ePremier League taking place across two weekends of action-packed games. From the 20th to the 21st of January, the group stages will be played, which will leave four clubs left to battle it out in the Grand Finals. 


The teams that are remaining will have another shot to make it to the finals during the games played on the 23rd of March, one day before the Grand Finals. In the game themselves, a player from each club will play against another player from a different club in a head-to-head match. The club with the majority of the victories will be crowned the winners and move on through the tournament. The finals will be held over two weekends and will be broadcast to fans across the globe and shown on several digital platforms from the Premier League.



History of the Tournament


There have been five seasons of this special ePremier League tournament that have taken place over the years with some fantastic displays of skill and teamwork on the virtual pitch. Each of the last five seasons has seen a different Champion winning as new players strive to enter the limelight and show off their skills as the best players in the world. Many people are excited for the 2023/24 tournament to see who will be crowned victorious and take home the cash prize and title of being the best of the best. 


Tom Stokes and Olle “Ollelito” Arbin were the 2022/23 winners of the ePremier League tournament with their team Leeds United. The journey to the top featured a very close game in the knockout stages, which saw them through to the grand finals against Tottenham Hotspur. Here, they won convincingly, with the game ending 4-1 on aggregate and crowning them champions of the entire tournament. They have stated their strong ambitions to make a comeback in the 2023/24 tournament, lift the trophy once more, and assert dominance again. If they manage this amazing feat, they will be the first team to ever win the whole thing back-to-back in consecutive years.


What makes this tournament so unique is that it gives players an opportunity to show off the skills they’ve gained through years of playing the game, and the chance to go from their couch to a live stage. Additionally, the players get to act as ambassadors for their favorite teams and (if they win) lift a trophy for the club they have always supported. Many big names in EA Sports FC esports have participated in this tournament, including Tom Lesse and Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt, who are looking to compete again.



ePremier League 2023/24 Format




The tournament is open to anyone aged 16 years or older who will have registered before competing in a certain number of qualification tournaments online. The top teams from these qualification games will play in the Club Playoffs, leaving 20 Premier League clubs in the tournament. Each club will nominate 2 players to represent them in the finals, which take place across two weekends on the 20th and 21st of January and the 23rd and 24th of March. 


The prize pool total is £100,000, which is broken down into five separate winnings: first place takes home £30,000, second place wins £15,000, third and fourth place win £15,000, 5th to 8th place win £5,000, and 9th to 16th place win £2,500.



Get Involved Now


So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to enter this esports tournament for free.  Not only can you see if your team has what it takes to become the next best team, but you also stand the chance to earn a cash prize for your amazing achievements.

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