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7 Games Like GTA You Should Play While Awaiting GTA 6

7 Games Like GTA You Should Play While Awaiting GTA 6
Written by: ASH

If you're eagerly waiting for GTA 6, you're not alone! With the buzz around the new GTA 6 trailer, many are diving back into the thrilling world of GTA 5 and GTA Online. But, if you've already explored every corner of these games, you might be craving something fresh yet familiar. That's where games like GTA come in.


These games offer a blend of gripping action, adventurous missions, and the freedom to roam in expansive, lively worlds. Whether you love the fast-paced action, engaging storylines, or the sheer thrill of exploration in games like GTA, there's a whole world of similar games waiting for you.


So, let's jump in and explore the seven best games like GTA that you can play right now. From crime-ridden streets to the wild frontiers, these games promise to keep you entertained until GTA 6 arrives. Stay tuned as we guide you through each of these thrilling adventures!




Red Dead Redemption 2


games like gta  you should play while awaiting gta 6 1


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a must-play for fans seeking games like GTA. Created by the same studio behind GTA, it captures the essence of player freedom in an expansive and detailed world. Set in the early 20th century, it offers a unique twist on the familiar GTA formula. You'll find yourself immersed in a world where every detail is meticulously crafted, from the vast landscapes to the intricate storylines.


Although it's often simplified as "GTA with horses," Red Dead Redemption 2 stands on its own with its deep narrative and vibrant world. It mirrors GTA's mix of questionable moral choices and a living, breathing environment. This game is more than just an alternative; it's a rich, story-driven experience that GTA fans shouldn't miss.



Watch Dogs 2


games like gta  you should play while awaiting gta 6 2


Watch Dogs 2 marks a notable shift from its predecessor, aligning more closely with the tone of GTA's recent titles. Ubisoft transformed criticism into creativity, crafting a game that mirrors the satirical brilliance found in GTA. It takes a playful jab at modern tech culture, much like GTA 5's memorable "Life Invader" mission, but expands it into the core of its gameplay. Set in a mock-up of Silicon Valley, it's a game that will resonate especially with those familiar with tech industry quirks and corporate shenanigans.


The game doesn't just mimic GTA's satire; it adds its own flair. From using pool balls on bungee cords as weapons to hacking your way through the city, Watch Dogs 2 offers a fresh, humorous take on the open-world genre. It's perfect for players who enjoy GTA's blend of humor and action, served with a side of social commentary.



Cyberpunk 2077


games like gta  you should play while awaiting gta 6 3


Cyberpunk 2077 stands out as a futuristic twist on games like GTA. Roaming the vibrant Night City might remind you of Los Santos, but with a stunning, futuristic flair. Just like in GTA 5, the game kicks off with a high-stakes heist, setting the stage for an enthralling narrative. The game's unique appeal lies in its first-person RPG style, allowing you to craft a character with a plethora of detailed options.


Unlike GTA, however, Cyberpunk 2077 takes a turn into the extraordinary. You find yourself partnered with Johnny Silverhand, a digital ghost with a rebellious streak, voiced by Keanu Reeves. His presence adds a chaotic energy to the game, similar to Trevor's in GTA 5. This title is a must-play for those who love the GTA series but crave a glimpse into a technologically advanced, yet equally gritty world.


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L.A. Noire


games like gta  you should play while awaiting gta 6 4


Are you a fan of the crime and drama in GTA? Then, L.A. Noire is a perfect pick for you. Set in the 1940s Los Angeles, it's a unique twist on games like GTA. You step into the shoes of a detective, unraveling mysteries and breaking drug rings, contrasting the usual criminal roles in GTA. This game takes you deep into a world where crime and corruption lurk in every corner, much like the familiar streets of GTA 5.


What sets L.A. Noire apart is its groundbreaking motion capture technology, bringing characters to life with stunning realism. As you navigate this dark, gritty world, you'll experience intense action sequences and a gripping storyline. If you're drawn to the underworld of GTA, L.A. Noire's film noir style will definitely captivate you.



Sleeping Dogs


games like gta  you should play while awaiting gta 6 5


If you're hunting for games like GTA, don't miss out on "Sleeping Dogs." This title is a unique blend of high-octane action and gripping narrative set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. As an undercover cop, you navigate through a dangerous world of organized crime. What makes it stand out is its exceptional hand-to-hand combat and thrilling street races, setting it apart from the typical GTA-style gameplay.


The game's story is captivating, with a strong emphasis on character development. The Hong Kong setting offers a refreshing change of pace and scenery, with bustling markets and neon-lit streets. "Sleeping Dogs" is a gem that offers a distinctive experience, deserving a spot on your list of games like GTA to play.



Yakuza Series


games like gta  you should play while awaiting gta 6 6


In your search for games like GTA, don't overlook the Yakuza series. It's a treasure trove of crime and drama set in an open-world environment, much like GTA. The main character, Kazuma Kiryu, often finds himself tangled in the criminal underworld, echoing the themes we love in GTA. But Yakuza stands out with its unique blend of RPG elements and exhilarating beat 'em up combat.


The series also throws in a variety of quirky minigames – from karaoke to disco dancing – that add a fun twist to the intense storyline. Whether you're brawling on the streets or engaging in lighter activities, the Yakuza series ensures a diverse and engaging experience, keeping the spirit of games like GTA alive.



Saints Row


games like gta  you should play while awaiting gta 6 7


When it comes to games like GTA, Saints Row often pops up in the conversation. It's a series that, in its own right, has crafted a unique identity. Particularly, the Saints Row reboot in 2022 is worth mentioning. It's a bit different from the classic entries, blending old-school charm with modern twists. The reboot offers a mix of humor, action, and open-world chaos, making it a playground for those who love the GTA style.


Despite some mixed reviews, Saints Row stands out with its own flavor of urban adventure. It's a game where the fun factor is dialed up, perfect for players looking to dive into a new yet familiar world of open-world mayhem. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the series, Saints Row offers a fresh perspective on the genre, keeping the spirit of games like GTA alive.


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In conclusion, while we all wait for GTA 6, these seven games like GTA offer a diverse and exciting experience for fans of the GTA series. Each game brings its unique flavor to the table, from the wild west to futuristic cities. They capture the essence of what makes games like GTA so captivating: freedom, action, and immersive storytelling. Whether you're a long-time GTA fan or just love open-world adventures, these games are sure to fill the gap and provide hours of entertainment. Happy gaming!

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