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How to Find Merchants in Palworld

How to Find Merchants in Palworld
Written by: iamharoongill

Navigating the vibrant world of Palworld, players quickly learn the pivotal role merchants play in their adventure. Central to the game's economy, these merchants are the backbone for acquiring essential items, selling Pals, and ensuring progress through trading resources and goods. Whether it’s crafting materials, building supplies, or gear upgrades, merchants across Palworld offer a diverse array of goods to cater to every player's needs.


This guide aims to demystify the process of locating every merchant in the game, detailing their offerings and how to maximize your interactions with them. As you embark on your journey, understanding how to find merchants in Palworld becomes crucial in advancing your gameplay, making this guide an indispensable tool for every Palworld adventurer.




What are merchants in Palworld? 




In the vast world of Palworld, merchants come in three distinct types, each playing a unique role in the game's economy. Black Marketeers operate on the fringes, offering Pals clandestine deals, often skirting the edge of legality. These shadowy figures are contrasted by the Pal Merchants, who also trade in Pals but do so through legitimate channels, often found in the bustling hubs of villages and settlements.


The third category, Wandering Merchants, are the nomads of the marketplace, dealing primarily in essential survival items. They are your go-to for schematics teaching new crafting recipes alongside a variety of seeds, Pal Spheres, and other indispensable resources. Identifying and understanding the services of each merchant type is key to leveraging the economic landscape of Palworld to your advantage.



What Can You Buy from Wandering Merchants?




Wandering Merchants in Palworld offers an eclectic mix of goods essential for your journey. From the practical to the whimsical, here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:


  • Schematics: For 500 Gold each, pick up designs for fashioning Long-Eared Headbands, Tocotoco Caps, Witch Hats, Bowler Hats, Farming Hats, Penking Caps, and Gumoss Caps, enabling you to craft these items yourself.
  • Pal Sphere: Essential for any adventurer, available at 120 Gold.
  • Arrow and Medical Supplies: Keep your arsenal stocked with arrows at 5 Gold each, and choose from Regular (800 Gold), Low-Grade (240 Gold), and High-Grade Medical Supplies (3,000 Gold) to maintain your health.
  • Agricultural Goods: Berry and Wheat Seeds are up for grabs at 50 and 100 Gold respectively, alongside other farmable goods like Milk, Wheat, Eggs, Bone, Red Berries, Wool, Venom Gland, Horn, Electric Organ, Leather, and Flame Organ, with prices ranging from 50 to 300 Gold.


These items not only aid in your survival but also in expanding your crafting capabilities and enhancing your agricultural endeavors. Whether you’re looking to heal, deal, or peel off into the sunset with a stylish new hat, Wandering Merchants has what you need to thrive in Palworld.



Locating Palworld Merchants




Finding merchants in Palworld is a crucial part of enhancing your gameplay, allowing you to buy, sell, and trade items necessary for your adventure. Many merchants are located near landmarks or within settlements, and most of these locations are conveniently situated near fast-travel statues, making them easier to access.


While some merchants have fixed spots, others, like the Wandering Merchants, roam the landscape, requiring players to keep an eye out for their distinctive appearances. The game’s dynamic environment means that while you may memorize some locations, the thrill of exploration and discovery is ever-present. To ensure you're never far from trading opportunities, familiarizing yourself with the types of merchants and their probable locations is key.



Detailed Guide to Merchant Locations




  1. Forgotten Island: A serene beach in the northeast houses a Wandering Merchant and a Pal Merchant side by side, offering a variety of goods from schematics to survival items. Their location is marked at coordinates: -400, 20.
  2. Duneshelter: This bustling area features a mix of merchants, including Pal and Wandering Merchants in distinct coats and elusive Black Marketeers. The coordinates to this trading hub are 359, 348 for the main settlement and 480, 347 for the nearby mines.
  3. Fisherman's Point: Located on the serene south side of Mount Obsidian, this dock is home to merchants offering specialized goods like flame resistance rings and various crafting materials. The coordinates are -478, -738.
  4. Near Marshal Island Church Ruins: An isolated spot near these ruins at coordinates 440, -272 hosts both a Wandering Merchant and a Pal Merchant, offering a quiet place to trade.
  5. Small Settlement: Close to the game’s starting point, this settlement at coordinates 88, -489 features a Wandering Merchant nestled in a cliffside building, providing essential items for early-game progress.
  6. Near Eastern Wild Island: At coordinates 470, -124, adventurers can find a Black Marketeer hidden near a mountain cave, offering rare items for those willing to explore.
  7. Marsh Island Church Ruins: The beach behind these ruins is a trading spot for those seeking Pals or essential supplies, with merchants located at 435, -273 ready to trade.


Navigating to these locations, players can engage with a variety of merchants to purchase schematics, survival items, and unique Pals. Each location offers a unique assortment of goods, making exploration and interaction with these merchants a rewarding experience. 


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Interacting with Merchants in Palworld




Interacting with merchants in Palworld is straightforward but requires strategic thinking to maximize benefits. When approaching a merchant, you'll be greeted with their inventory, displaying a variety of items for purchase alongside the option to sell your own goods. It's important to manage your gold efficiently, as merchant prices can vary, particularly for Pal Merchants whose inventory might be pricier.


Pay attention to your gold reserves, visible in your inventory or at the purchase screen's bottom right, to ensure you can afford your desired items. Trading isn’t just about buying; selling excess materials or Pals you've captured can bolster your gold reserves, making it a crucial aspect of interacting with merchants.



Attacking Merchants: Risks and Rewards


While the idea of attacking merchants in Palworld might cross your mind, whether out of curiosity or in search of loot, it comes with significant risks. Merchants are capable of defending themselves and may be of a higher level than your character, presenting a formidable challenge.


Should you decide to attack, be prepared for a fight and consider the consequences? Other nearby merchants won't intervene unless they're also attacked, but defeating a merchant allows you to loot gold, albeit with implications.





Navigating the merchant locations in Palworld is an essential skill for any player looking to thrive in this vast and dynamic world. From the unique offerings of Pal Merchants, Black Marketeers, and Wandering Merchants to the strategic considerations of interacting and potentially attacking these NPCs, understanding how to find and engage with merchants enriches your gameplay experience.


Remember, each merchant type serves a distinct purpose, offering unique items and opportunities to enhance your adventure. As you explore the diverse landscapes of Palworld, keep an eye out for these crucial characters, utilize the tips provided, and you'll find your journey through this captivating world both rewarding and exhilarating.

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