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How To Get Kitsun in Palworld

How To Get Kitsun in Palworld
Written by: iamharoongill

In the vast and vibrant world of Palworld, one name stands out for players seeking to enhance their adventure: Kitsun. This elusive and powerful Fire-type Pal has captivated the community, becoming a must-have for enthusiasts of the survival/crafting game. Whether you're battling foes or exploring diverse biomes, acquiring Kitsun can significantly elevate your gameplay experience.


With its rarity and formidable abilities, knowing how to get Kitsun in Palworld is a valuable skill. This guide will navigate you through the essentials—where to find Kitsun in the wild, how to catch it effectively, and the secrets behind breeding this coveted companion. Embark on this journey to add the fiery prowess of Kitsun to your Pal collection and master the art of Palworld.




The Rarity and Prestige of Kitsun




Kitsun is not just any Pal in Palworld; it's a symbol of prestige and rarity, classified as an SS tier Fire-type Pal. Its distinctive fox-like appearance coupled with its devastating combat abilities makes it a highly sought-after companion for players. The allure of Kitsun lies not only in its strength and aesthetic appeal but also in the strategic advantage it offers during gameplay.


Possessing Kitsun signifies a player's dedication and skill, elevating their status within the Palworld community. Its rarity adds to its desirability, making the quest to find and capture Kitsun a thrilling challenge for many adventurers.



Where to Find Kitsun in Palworld




Locating Kitsun in the expansive world of Palworld is an adventure in itself. This coveted Pal resides in the northeastern region of the map, accessible from the Tower of Free Pal Alliance—a landmark that serves as a beacon for those in search of Kitsun. However, it's crucial to note that Kitsun is a night-exclusive Pal, revealing itself only after sunset. This nocturnal nature requires players to adjust their search strategies accordingly.


The areas inhabited by Kitsun are among the coldest on the map, requiring players to equip Cold-Resistant armor to endure the harsh environment. This preparation is essential to navigate the frostbitten terrain without succumbing to cold damage.


For those looking for an alternative method to acquire Kitsun, there's hope through egg hatching. Scorching Eggs, known for their higher probabilities of hatching Fire-type Pals, are your best bet. By focusing on obtaining these specific eggs, players can increase their chances of welcoming Kitsun into their Pal roster without braving the cold.



How to capture Kitsun in Palworld




Successfully capturing Kitsun in Palworld is a testament to a player's prowess and understanding of the game's mechanics. Given Kitsun's powerful nature, players should approach the capture process at a high level, ideally level 25 or above. The elemental dynamics of Palworld play a crucial role here; Fire Element Pals, like Kitsun, are inherently weak against Water Element Pals. Leveraging this weakness by using Water Element Pals in battle can significantly tilt the odds in your favor.


During the encounter, Kitsun will unleash a barrage of attacks, including Ignis Blasts, Spirit Fire, and Flare Storms. Mastery of dodging and counterattacking is essential to gradually weaken Kitsun without getting overwhelmed. Once Kitsun's strength has been sufficiently sapped, employing a high-level Pal Sphere is the final step to secure its capture. This moment requires timing and precision, as a well-timed throw can mean the difference between triumph and the one that got away.



How to breed Kitsun for Power




Breeding in Palworld opens up several possibilities, allowing players to create Pals with unique abilities and traits. Kitsun, with its exceptional base attributes, becomes a prime candidate for breeding, promising to produce offspring of remarkable power. The process involves pairing Kitsun with specific Pals to yield new, powerful variants, enhancing your gameplay with a diverse range of abilities.


One of the simplest breeding combos involves Tanzee and Nitewing, both of which are relatively easy to capture in the wild. This combination is known for its effectiveness in the early stages of the game, providing a straightforward path to obtaining Kitsun. Another potent pairing is Rooby and Penking; although acquiring a Penking presents a challenge due to its exclusive location at Southern Sanctuary, the effort is well worth it. Penking's versatility in breeding makes it an invaluable partner for producing a wide array of valuable Pals, including Kitsun.


For those already in possession of a Penking, combining it with Rushoar presents another excellent breeding strategy. Given Rushoar's accessibility around the starting area, this combo facilitates an easy route to harnessing Kitsun's power.


Breeding Kitsun amplifies your Pal collection and strategically enhances your lineup for various game challenges. Whether it's for a competitive edge or the sheer joy of exploration and combat in Palworld, understanding how to breed Kitsun effectively is a game-changer. By harnessing the power of breeding, players can unlock new levels of gameplay, making every adventure in Palworld even more thrilling.



Kitsun: More Than Just a Combat Pal


Kitsun, with its fiery allure and combat prowess, is far more than a mere participant in battles within Palworld. Its value extends into exploration and adventure, serving as an unparalleled companion in the game's vast, open world. When players ride on Kitsun, they gain immunity to environmental extremes, negating the effects of both scorching heat and freezing cold.


This unique ability allows adventurers to traverse the most daunting terrains with ease, opening up new areas for exploration without the need for high-tier armor. Kitsun not only enhances your combat strategy but also enriches your exploration experience, making every journey across Palworld a memorable one.





Kitsun stands as a beacon of excellence in Palworld, embodying both the thrill of the hunt and the joy of discovery. Capturing and breeding this elusive Pal offers a rewarding challenge that tests your skills and strategic thinking. From the icy realms of the northeast to the strategic depths of the breeding center, Kitsun invites players into an immersive experience filled with adventure, strategy, and companionship.


Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer eager to make your mark in Palworld, the journey to acquiring Kitsun is one filled with excitement, strategy, and the promise of unparalleled power. Embrace the challenge, and let the quest for Kitsun lead you to new heights in Palworld.

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