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How To Get Cyborg Sword And Hunt Badge in Blade Ball

How To Get Cyborg Sword And Hunt Badge in Blade Ball
Written by: iamharoongill

Dive into the electrifying world of Blade Ball and embark on a thrilling quest to secure the coveted Cyborg Sword and the prestigious Hunt Badge. These accolades aren't just symbols of your prowess; they're your ticket to dominating the arena with style and technological flair. The Cyborg Sword, a stunning blue crystal-like weapon, embodies the future with its techno aesthetics and slick moves. It is available through a time-sensitive event that promises excitement and rewards.


This guide outlines a streamlined path to acquiring these treasures, detailing the simplest methods for swiftly conquering the event's challenges. Gear up, strategize, and prepare to elevate your Blade Ball experience before time elapses, ensuring you don't miss out on these exclusive in-game assets.




How to Unlock the Cyborg Sword




Unlocking the Cyborg Sword in Blade Ball is an exhilarating journey within The Hunt First Edition, a limited-time event brimming with challenges and rewards. Players must navigate through three quests to claim this futuristic, blue crystal-like weapon, each designed to test their skills and determination. Here's how to ensure your success and add the Cyborg Sword to your arsenal:


  1. Understand the Quest Structure: The event is divided into three quests you can complete in any order. These tasks are your stepping stones toward the grand prize, blending enjoyment with a test of your gaming prowess.
  2. Quest Breakdown:
    • Quest 1: Kickstart your adventure by playing five games in any mode, immersing yourself in Blade Ball's dynamic environments.
    • Quest 2: Hone your defensive skills by blocking the ball 30 times. This quest emphasizes agility and precision, critical attributes for any Blade Ball champion.
    • Quest 3: Showcase your offensive capabilities by eliminating three opponents. Whether you choose a confrontational or strategic approach, your goal is clear: emerge victorious.
  1. Claim Your Rewards: Upon completing each task, you'll receive individual claims, including +250 Coins and the Egg Juggle Emote, culminating in acquiring the Cyborg Sword. This process rewards your dedication and enhances your gameplay experience with new items and abilities.


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Detailed Guides for Completing Specific Quests




Mastering Blade Ball and securing the coveted Cyborg Sword requires a strategic approach to completing The Hunt First Edition's quests. Each task is designed to test different facets of your gameplay, from agility and defense to offensive prowess. Here's a closer look at how to conquer these quests efficiently:


Strategy for Completing Quest 3:


  • Understanding Enemy Movements: When you become the target in Blade Ball, your character will be encircled by a red glow, a clear signal to brace for action. Observing these cues can turn the tides in your favor.
  • Effective Response: Upon noticing the red glow, prepare to press 'F' at the optimal moment to block and counter, turning a defensive move into an offensive advantage.
  • Mode Selection: Engaging in Classic mode, where the player count is higher, increases your chances of achieving eliminations swiftly, making this task less daunting than it appears.


Tactics for Quest 2:


  • Mode Advantages: Duels offer a more controlled environment with fewer players, allowing for a focused strategy to block the ball the required 30 times.
  • Navigating to Duels: Access the Duels mode through the server selection area, a strategic move that places you in optimal conditions for completing this quest.
  • Persistence Pays Off: Consistency in your defensive maneuvers will complete this quest and enhance your overall defensive skills in Blade Ball.


Maximize Efficiency Across Quests:


  • Plan Your Play: Align your game sessions to tackle these quests in a manner that complements your gameplay style, whether you prefer the high energy of Classic mode or the strategic duels.
  • Leverage Rewards: Each completed quest not only progresses you toward the Cyborg Sword but also provides valuable in-game currency and emotes, enriching your Blade Ball experience.



Claim the Cyborg Sword




Once you've demonstrated your skill and tenacity by completing the trio of quests within The Hunt First Edition event, the moment to claim your Cyborg Sword arrives. It isn't just a trophy; it's a testament to your dedication and prowess in Blade Ball. Here's the straightforward process to make the Cyborg Sword your own:


  1. Access the Event Board: Navigate to the Limited Event section from Blade Ball's main menu to find The Hunt event board. It is your hub for all event-related activities and rewards.
  2. Claim Your Rewards: A 'claim' button will appear next to the task for each completed quest. Ensure you click each of these to receive your individual rewards, which include coins, emotes, and, ultimately, the Cyborg Sword.
  3. Celebrate Your Achievement: Once claimed, it will add the Cyborg Sword to your inventory and be ready to be wielded in your next match. Its unique design and capabilities will enhance your gameplay experience and distinguish you in the arena.



How to Earn THE HUNT: First Edition Badge


Securing The Hunt: First Edition Badge is a significant accomplishment, symbolizing your complete mastery over the event's challenges. This badge not only serves as a mark of your achievement but also unlocks additional rewards that enhance your gaming journey:


  1. Complete All Quests: The badge is awarded upon completing all the event's quests. Following through with each task is crucial, ensuring no quest is left unchecked.
  2. Check Your Progress: Visit the event board regularly to monitor your quest completions and claim your rewards promptly. This will keep you on track and motivated.
  3. Unlock Additional Rewards: With the badge, you'll gain access to exclusive rewards such as Vault Holo, Staff of the Vault Explorer, and more, adding depth and variety to your Blade Ball experience.
  4. Enjoy Your Accolades: Beyond the tangible rewards, the badge symbolizes your commitment and skill within the Blade Ball community. Wear it proudly as you continue to engage in the vibrant world of Blade Ball.





Embark on an exhilarating quest within the dynamic world of Blade Ball to claim the coveted Cyborg Sword and the prestigious Hunt Badge. By meticulously completing the event's tasks, players can unlock these unique rewards, enhancing their gaming experience with new levels of strategy and style. This guide provides you with the key strategies and steps to successfully navigate The Hunt First Edition event, ensuring you maximize your enjoyment and achievements in the game. Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your prowess and stand out in the Blade Ball arena with these exclusive accolades.

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