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How To Find And Destroy Hiding Places In Fortnite (2023)

How To Find And Destroy Hiding Places In Fortnite (2023)
Written by: Hamza551

There are some hidden places in Fortnite where you can get rewards by destroying them. However, this article will help players who don't know how to find and destroy such places to earn in-game rewards. A player can destroy some items in these areas, including Bushes, a dumpster, and a porta-potty.


With every new Chapter, Fortnite keeps things fresh by changing up the locations of the items or

adding special items for players to destroy as part of seasonal or event events.



What Are Hiding Places In Fortnite?


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It is necessary to uncover Fortnite's hiding spot first before you can destroy them. They're in-game items, but you can also use them to your advantage. For example, you can hide in them or behind them and wait for your enemies to approach, so you can defeat them.

The following items can be found in Fortnite's hiding places.


  • Dumpsters
  • Porta-potties
  • Haystacks
  • Bushes



How To Find Hiding Places In Fortnite?


Players can use the map to find and destroy hiding places in Fortnite. The map shows the location of all the hiding places on a given island. Players can also use the camera to see where they are heading towards.


It's going to be easy to destroy hiding places. However, players need to be aware of their opponents as they complete the task.


Players should ensure that they have enough materials to destroy hiding places in Fortnite. They should also check their inventory for extra items that may help them eliminate hiding places, like explosives and weapons.




What is the best way to locate and destroy hiding places in Fortnite?


Fortnite's hidden places are not a secret to most players; they wait for weekly challenges and events that involve destroying items in hidden places.


Players can find hiding spots all over the map in every new Fortnite chapter to destroy hidden items.



The hiding places are very easy to destroy. You need your Pickaxe Weapon tool to smash it. Ensure no one is hiding inside the dumpster when you find the hiding place; the best way is to make some noise nearby. If anyone hiding inside will come out to attack you, then it's your chance to strike back.


To complete the challenge, destroy all the hiding places on the map to earn 25,000 XP for the battle pass. Keep repeating this step until you meet the challenge requirements.

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