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Sony's PlayStation VR2 PC Adapter Submitted for Certification

Sony's PlayStation VR2 PC Adapter Submitted for Certification
Written by: ASH

A new adapter for the PlayStation VR2 headset has been spotted on a Korean certification site. This adapter will allow the PS VR2 to connect to a PC, making it more versatile for users.


Brad Lynch, a tech enthusiast, discovered the filing on Korea’s National Radio Research Agency website. The agency, established in 1966, ensures efficient research and quality certification for broadcasting and communication equipment.


According to the listing, the adapter received certification on March 27th. This timing suggests an announcement could be imminent, possibly at the rumored State of Play event by Sony.



The listing only mentions the name "PlayStation VR2 PC Adapter," with no additional details. However, this discovery aligns with Sony's previous statements about working on PC compatibility for the PS VR2. This adapter could allow the PS VR2 to function as a regular PC headset, accessing Steam VR games and other content.


Creating a certification like this by mistake is highly unlikely. Therefore, this listing strongly indicates that the adapter is real and coming soon.


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The PS VR2 itself is a highly advanced device but has struggled to gain traction. It's an expensive accessory for an already costly console, and first-party support from PlayStation has been limited. Sony has been hesitant to share specific sales numbers, offering only vague positive comments. Last October, Sony's senior VP of global marketing, Eric Lampel, acknowledged the challenges in the VR market but said sales were "going well."

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