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Sony Apologizes for Misquoting Neil Druckmann in Recent Interview

Sony Apologizes for Misquoting Neil Druckmann in Recent Interview
Written by: ASH

Sony recently faced criticism for publishing an interview with Neil Druckmann, co-creator of "The Last of Us" and head of Naughty Dog, that contained significant inaccuracies. The interview quoted Druckmann as saying Naughty Dog's next game could "redefine mainstream perceptions of gaming." However, Druckmann later took to social media to clarify that he never made such a statement.


Druckmann explained that his comments were heavily edited, leading to a loss of context and intent. He shared the original transcript of his responses, highlighting that he was misquoted. His actual response focused on his excitement for the new project and the evolving perception of gaming, partly due to successful TV and movie adaptations.



In response to Druckmann's clarification, Sony removed the interview from its website and issued a public apology. The statement on Sony's website acknowledged the significant errors and inaccuracies in the published interview. Sony apologized to Druckmann and his team for the misrepresentation and any negative impact caused.


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The incident underscores the importance of accurate representation in media and the potential consequences of editorial missteps. Sony's swift action to address the issue and their public apology reflect their commitment to maintaining integrity in their communications.

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