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GTA 5 Online: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Best Cheap Cars

GTA 5 Online: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Best Cheap Cars
Written by: Weeii

When you’re tearing through the streets of Los Santos in GTA 5 Online, the car you’re driving isn't just a mode of transportation – it's a statement. It's about speed, style, and sometimes, it's about not breaking the bank while doing it. If you're someone who thrives on the thrill of customization but can't fathom spending all your hard-earned in-game cash on a luxury vehicle, this guide is tailored just for you!


In a world where high-end cars are the epitome of status, we're about to uncover a secret: you don’t need to spend a fortune to own a ride that turns heads. The world of GTA 5 Online is filled with hidden gems, cars that are not only affordable but ripe for personalization. 


Best Cheap Cars Available on the Streets


There’s something uniquely thrilling about spotting the perfect car on the streets of Los Santos, taking the wheel, and claiming it as your own. The best part? Many of these vehicles are not only affordable but can be turned into personalized masterpieces.



The Streetwise Sabre Turbo


Value: $15,000


If the idea of having an engine popping out of the hood excites you, the Sabre Turbo is your car. Its customization possibilities are endless, and it can be modified at both Los Santos Customs and Benny’s Original Motor Works. A perfect mix of muscle and flexibility!



The Sultan - A Nostalgic Beauty


Value: $12,000


A hybrid between the Lexus IS and Subaru Impreza, the Sultan can be picked up right off the road. With a bit of love at Los Santos Customs, it'll be faster than most vehicles in the in-game mobile store. It's not just a car; it's a blast from the past waiting to be reignited!



The Unconventional Futo


Value: $9,000


Don't let its early 2000s look fool you. The Futo comes with a plethora of insane customizations. From wild spoilers to colored wraps, this car lets you stand out in Los Santos without spending a fortune.



Sentinel XS - The Racer’s Dream

Value: $60,000


Inspired by the iconic BMW M5, the Sentinel XS is not only easy to pick up from the streets or buy without breaking the bank but also an excellent choice for those looking for great handling and sleek design.



Other Street Gems


Keep your eyes peeled, and you might spot other valuable street cars like the Rat-Truck or Elegy RH8. These rides offer an eclectic mix of styles and can be the starting point for your dream vehicle in GTA 5 Online.


While there's something undeniably appealing about buying a brand-new car, the streets of Los Santos offer a treasure trove of affordable options. Don’t overlook the vehicles cruising right past you; one of them might just be the budget-friendly, highly customizable ride you've been looking for.

Customization and Mod Shops in GTA 5 Online


Let's explore how you can make these affordable rides truly your own.


Unleashing Your Creativity in Los Santos Customs


Los Santos Customs is the go-to place for most GTA Online enthusiasts. Whether it's a spoiler that adds flair or an engine upgrade for that extra roar, this shop has got you covered. From the color of the rims to the sound of the horn, the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.


Benny’s Original Motor Works - The Elite Customizer


Are you looking for something more? Something that takes customization to a new level? Benny's Original Motor Works is where ordinary vehicles become extraordinary. With an option to access high-end specs for $375,000, Benny's transforms muscle cars into artworks and turns everyday rides into luxury cruisers.


Modding Your Way


Engine & Performance: Upgrade your engine for more power, tune the suspension for improved handling, and add a turbo for that extra kick. Performance mods are not just about speed; they change the way you feel the road.

Visual Enhancements: Spoilers, wraps, rims, or even a complete transformation into something different – visual customizations make your car a reflection of you.

Insurance & Ownership: Not all street cars can be insured or highly customized. Be mindful of the "too hot to modify" notification. Insure your car to make it truly yours.

Custom Shops to Watch Out For

Benny’s Original Motor Works: If high-end customization is what you're after, look no further. Benny's is a haven for those looking to create something unique.

Los Santos Customs: Your reliable, one-stop shop for everything from basic mods to wild transformations.



GTA 5 Online is more than just a game; it's a world where creativity, personality, and affordability converge. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your journey through the streets of Los Santos, the wide selection of cheap and highly customizable cars provides endless opportunities for expression.


Finding a car that doesn't break the bank but still oozes style and performance is no longer a dream but a tangible reality. With Los Santos Customs and Benny’s Original Motor Works at your fingertips, you have the power to transform even the most unassuming vehicle into a statement of your style.


Remember, it's not about having the most expensive car but about making the most of what you've got. Be it a roaring muscle car or a sleek, understated sedan, the perfect car is waiting for you on the streets. So grab your keys, hit the road, and never let the "too hot to modify" notification dampen your spirits.


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