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Player's Guide to GTA Online's New Taxi Business

Player's Guide to GTA Online's New Taxi Business
Written by: Weeii

With the New Year comes a fresh, exciting way to explore the city and make some serious cash: the GTA Online taxi business! It's more than just a job; it's a thrilling escapade through the vibrant world of Los Santos.


In December, the gaming community was abuzz, eagerly awaiting the annual winter update of GTA Online. As the final big drop before snow graced the city, Rockstar pulled the curtain back to reveal the Los Santos Drug Wars update. Among new missions, swanky clothes, and roaring cars, there was something that caught everyone's attention—a chance to slide behind the wheel of a taxi and become the city's most sought-after cab driver.


But what exactly does this mean for you, the player? How can you dive into the world of taxi driving and what awaits you in this fascinating new business venture?



Becoming a Taxi Driver in GTA Online


So, you've decided to take the wheel and become a taxi driver in GTA Online, huh? Great choice! It's not just about cruising around Los Santos; it's a chance to explore the city like never before and pocket some extra dough. Here's the lowdown on how to get started:



Catch the Wave of the New Update


Rockstar's Los Santos Drug Wars update didn't just bring some new missions and fancy threads; it kicked off the Taxi Driver job. It's a fresh, exciting way to see the city and become a part of it.




Join Forces with the Gang


In the world of GTA Online, everything's more fun with friends, and this is no exception. You'll get to team up with some colorful characters, including Dax, Ron, and members of The Troupe. It's like being in a buddy movie, only you're in the driver's seat!



Pick Up and Go


Once you're in, it's all about picking up passengers and getting them where they need to go. Think of yourself as the go-to ride in town. The more fares you snag, the more you earn, and there's even a bonus for those who take on job after job without a break.



The Ride's Just Begun


The Taxi Driver job went live on January 19th, so if you haven't tried it yet, now's the perfect time. The streets are calling, and Los Santos is ready for a new kind of hero—one who knows the best shortcuts and isn't afraid to hit the gas.



Owning a Taxi in GTA Online


Imagine cruising through Los Santos in your very own taxi, windows down, radio on, and the city's hustle and bustle all around you. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well, in GTA Online, owning a taxi isn't just a dream; it's a reality you can achieve. Here's everything you need to know about owning your taxi and riding in style:



Buying Your Taxi: The First Step to Freedom


You can drive around in someone else's cab, sure, but owning your own taxi is where the real fun begins. Ready to take the plunge? You can snag one from Warstock for $650,000. It might seem steep, but trust me, it's an investment worth making.


Unlocking Special Prices

If $650,000 sounds a bit too rich for your blood, don't fret! By completing 10 fares in a row, you can unlock a special trade price, bringing that cost down to $487,000. It's like a reward for being awesome at your job!


GTA+ Members, Rejoice!

If you're a GTA+ member, you're in for a treat. How does a free taxi sound? Yep, you read that right. GTA+ members can get their taxi without spending a dime. Now that's what I call a sweet deal!


Make It Your Own

Owning a taxi isn't just about getting from point A to B; it's about expressing yourself. Customization options might pop up down the road, so keep an eye out for ways to make your taxi truly yours.

Downtown Cab Co Location


If you're jumping into the taxi business in GTA Online, there's one spot you'll want to get familiar with: the Downtown Cab Company. It's not just another building; it's the heart and soul of your new venture. Here's a look at where you'll find it and why it's the perfect hub for your taxi driving adventure:



Find Your Way to East Vinewood

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of East Vinewood, the Downtown Cab Company is your new home away from home. It's where the city's taxi magic happens, and it's where you'll start your new career as a cab driver. Get ready to make this place your own!


Not Just for Arm Wrestling Anymore

Sure, this spot has been known for arm wrestling in the past, but now it's all about cabs. You might still find a few tough guys hanging around, but the real action is in the parking lot, where taxis are waiting for you to take them for a spin.


A Hub for Your New Job



Think of the Downtown Cab Company as your main office. It's where you'll find rides, connect with passengers, and plan your routes. It's the beating heart of the taxi world in Los Santos, and it's ready to welcome you with open arms.


More Than Just a Parking Lot

While it's still too early to tell exactly how Rockstar will build on this location, the potential is there for it to become something more. Perhaps it could even be a purchasable garage in the future. Keep your eyes peeled; this spot might have more surprises in store.




The taxi-driving doors of Los Santos are wide open, and they're calling your name. From buying your own taxi to exploring the bustling streets of East Vinewood and teaming up with the colorful characters of GTA Online, the taxi business is more than just a job; it's a thrilling adventure waiting to unfold.


This isn't just another way to make money in the game; it's a chance to see Los Santos from a whole new perspective. You'll meet new friends, take on exciting challenges, and truly become a part of the city's fabric. The Downtown Cab Co is your gateway to this captivating new world, so don't be shy; step on in!


Whether you're a seasoned GTA Online veteran or new to the city, there's something in the taxi business for everyone.

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