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How To Make A Bed In Minecraft - Step By Step Guide

How To Make A Bed In Minecraft - Step By Step Guide
Written by: NutellaOwl

Beds aren't only for speeding up time. They may also be used as spawn points, overriding the realm's initial spawning location. Unless something obstructs the spawn point, you'll appear nearby your bed unless something else prevents it from happening, forcing you to reemerge in the world's default position - which might be hundreds of miles away.


Sleep is a biological necessity for everyone, even for characters in Minecraft. However, you can't just sleep anywhere. In this guide, we'll teach you how to make a bed in Minecraft so that you can pass the time more quickly to avoid those pesky enemies roaming outside in the dark.



Bed recipe in Minecraft


Step 1 - Get wood

Find yourself a tree and cut it down. You'll discover tiny blocks of wood scattered around the ground that you must gather as a lumberjack. To chop down trees, you can utilize tools and weapons, including your fists, but not swords. To make a bed, for example, the player needs at least 2 logs.


cut down tree



Step 2 - Convert wood into planks

To Create wooden boards simply drop the logs that were gathered into one of the slots in the survival inventory crafting table. For every log, you will get 4 wooden planks.


craft planks



Step 3 - Gather wool

The easiest way to get wool is to kill a sheep but you may also make it from strings. The best way to get wool is by shearing sheep because this will allow you to get more wool from a single sheep and when the sheep eat grass it allows them to recuperate their coat which lets you gather more wool faster.


shear sheep



Step 4 - Craft the bed

To craft the bed we simply need to place inside your crafting table: 3 pieces of wool on a horizontal line and 3 pieces of wood underneath as shown in the following image.


how to make bed




How to dye bed a different color in Minecraft


The normal sheep in Minecraft are black, white, gray, light gray, or brown, and the bed you craft with their wool is always red by default. To produce a distinct hue on your bed, you'll first need to dye the wool. 


dye minecraft bed


That implies gathering materials to make your die and then combining them on a Crafting Table with your bed. After completing this step you will have a beautiful bed where you can sleep safely away from the monsters. 

You can achieve 16 different colors of bed. Here you can see some of the different colors you can dye your bed.


color beds minecraft

Another thing that is useful to know is that You can also dye wool before you shear it from the sheep. Simply hold the dye in your hand and click it on the sheep, this will change the color of the wool the same way you would change it on your crafting table.



The benefit of this is that when a sheep has babies they will inherit the color of their parents thus making it very easy to create large amounts of colored wool without having to gather ingredients for the dyes. You can even combine animals of various hues to produce offspring with varying colors.


colored sheeps

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