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How to Get Honey in Minecraft - A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Get Honey in Minecraft - A Step-by-Step Guide
Written by: NutellaOwl

Honey is a valuable resource in Minecraft that can be used for a variety of purposes, including crafting useful items and taming bees. However, obtaining honey can be a tricky task for players who are unfamiliar with the game's mechanics.


In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to get honey in Minecraft, including how to find and harvest honey from beehives, and how to craft useful items with honeycomb. By following our guide, players will be able to make the most of this valuable resource and enhance their Minecraft gameplay experience.




How to Find Beehives in Minecraft?


Beehives are the primary source of honey in Minecraft, and they can be found in various locations throughout the game world. Here are a few tips to help you locate them:


  1. Look for flowers: Beehives are usually found near large groups of flowers, as bees use them to gather nectar. Keep an eye out for areas with a high concentration of flowers, such as sunflower plains or flower forests.

  2. Check trees: Beehives can also be found attached to the sides of trees. Look for trees with honey-colored beehives hanging from their branches.

  3. Explore villages: Some Minecraft villages may have beehives as part of their structure. Look for beehives attached to buildings or located near crops.


Once you have located a beehive, it's important to approach it carefully to avoid angering the bees. Bees will become aggressive if they feel threatened, so it's best to approach the hive slowly and avoid making sudden movements. In the next section, we will cover how to safely harvest honey from beehives.


harvest honey



How to Harvest the Honey?


To harvest honey from a beehive in Minecraft, you will need to use a tool called a "shears." Here's how to safely harvest honey:


  1. Equip shears: To harvest honey, you will need to equip shears in your hand. Shears can be crafted using two iron ingots.

  2. Approach the beehive: Slowly approach the beehive while holding the shears in your hand. Be careful not to touch the hive or its inhabitants, as this will anger the bees.

  3. Harvest honey: Once you are close to the hive, right-click it with the shears in your hand to harvest honey. You will see honey dripping out of the hive as you collect it.

  4. Collect honeycomb: In addition to honey, harvesting a beehive will also yield honeycomb. Honeycomb can be used to craft decorative blocks, beehives, and candles.


It's important to note that harvesting honey from a beehive will anger the bees inside. If you don't want to harm the bees, you can also harvest honey by using a bottle on a hive that is full of honey. This will yield honey without angering the bees, but it will also not yield any honeycomb.





What Can I Craft with Honeycomb?


In addition to using honey as a food source, players can also use honeycomb to craft various items in Minecraft. Here are a few examples of items that can be crafted using honeycomb:


  1. Candles: Honeycomb can be used to craft candles, which can be used for decoration or as a light source. To craft candles, combine honeycomb with string and a dye of your choice in a crafting table.

  2. Beehives: Honeycomb can also be used to craft beehives, which can be used to attract bees to your base or farm. To craft a beehive, combine honeycomb and planks in a crafting table.

  3. Decorative blocks: Honeycomb can be used to craft decorative blocks, such as honeycomb blocks and waxed blocks. Honeycomb blocks can be crafted by combining honeycomb in a 3x3 grid, while waxed blocks can be crafted by combining honeycomb with a block of your choice.


In addition to these items, honeycomb can also be used as a fuel source for smelting, as it burns longer than most other items. By using honeycomb to craft useful items and as a fuel source, players can make the most of this valuable resource in Minecraft.


craft honeycomb minecraft



How to Trade Bees?


Bees can also be a valuable resource for players in Minecraft, as they can be used to trade with villagers for various items. Here are some tips for trading with bees:

  1. Breed bees: To start trading with bees, you will need to breed them. This can be done by using flowers to lure bees into a nest or beehive, and then using shears to collect honeycomb. Place the honeycomb in the nest or beehive to encourage bees to breed.

  2. Collect honey bottles: Once you have bred bees, you can collect honey bottles from the beehive or nest. These can be traded with villagers for emeralds or other items.

  3. Find a beekeeper villager: Some villages in Minecraft will have a villager who is a beekeeper. This villager will offer better deals for honey bottles than other villagers, so it's worth seeking them out if you plan on trading with bees regularly.

  4. Use honey bottles for food: In addition to trading with villagers, honey bottles can also be used as a food source for players. They can be consumed to restore hunger and provide a temporary boost to the player's health.


By breeding bees and trading with villagers, players can make the most of this valuable resource in Minecraft. Not only can bees provide honey and honeycomb, but they can also be a valuable source of emeralds and other items.


beekeeper trader4



How to Build a Honey Farm?


Players can also set up a honey farm in Minecraft to ensure a steady supply of honey and honeycomb. Here are some tips for setting up a honey farm:

  1. Locate a beehive or nest: The first step in setting up a honey farm is to locate a beehive or nest. These can be found in various biomes, including forests, plains, and flower forests. Once you've located a beehive or nest, use shears to collect honeycomb and bring it back to your base.

  2. Set up a farm: To set up a honey farm, you will need to place beehives or nests in an area where there are plenty of flowers for bees to pollinate. This can be a garden, a greenhouse, or any other area where flowers are abundant. Place the beehives or nests in the area and wait for the bees to start breeding.

  3. Use campfires to calm bees: Bees can become agitated if they are disturbed, which can make it difficult to collect honeycomb. To calm the bees down, players can use campfires placed beneath the beehives or nests. This will cause smoke to rise up and calm the bees, making it easier to collect honeycomb without being stung.

  4. Harvest honeycomb: Once the bees have produced honeycomb, players can use shears to collect it from the beehives or nests. Place the honeycomb in a chest or other storage container for later use.







Honey is a valuable resource in Minecraft that can be used for crafting, trading, and as a food source. By using the tips and strategies outlined in this article, players can make the most of this resource and ensure a steady supply of honey and honeycomb.


To recap, players can obtain honey by harvesting it from beehives or nests, breeding bees, trading with villagers, and setting up a honey farm. It's important to take precautions when working with bees, as they can become agitated and sting players if they feel threatened. However, with the right tools and techniques, players can safely and effectively harvest honey in Minecraft.

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