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Ultimate Guide for All Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained 2023

Ultimate Guide for All Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained 2023
Written by: iamharoongill

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that lets players explore, build, and interact with the game world. One of the interesting aspects of the game is the presence of Villagers who offer various services to players. These Villagers have different jobs that determine their trades and behavior.


In this article, we'll explore all the Minecraft Villager jobs and explain what each one does. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, understanding the Villager jobs can help you make the most of your Minecraft experience.



Basic Villager Information


Villagers are humanoid creatures in Minecraft who inhabit villages and perform various roles to support the community. They have distinct appearances with unique clothing and hairstyles, and their behavior is generally peaceful and cooperative toward players. Players can interact with Villagers by approaching them and opening a trade window.


Each Villager has a set of trades that they offer, which can include items such as food, tools, weapons, and enchanted books. Players must have the required item in inventory to trade with a Villager. And they must be willing to exchange them for the Villager's offer. In addition to trading, Villagers can also be used for other purposes, such as farming, mining, and transporting items.


They can be bred by players using food items, and they will interact with other Villagers to form a community. Overall, Villagers are an important part of Minecraft gameplay, providing players with a valuable resource for obtaining items and building a thriving community.





All Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained


Minecraft Villagers are an essential aspect of the game, as they offer players the opportunity to trade for useful items and materials. Here is a breakdown of each of the Villager jobs and what players can expect to receive from trading with them:





The Farmer is a valuable profession, as they offer trades for crops such as wheat, potatoes, and carrots. They also provide pumpkin and melon seeds. Players are advised to upgrade their farmer villagers to the Master Level, as they will then provide trades for highly sought-after items such as Golden Carrots, which have the second-highest saturation level in Minecraft.




Moreover, players can acquire Glistening Melon Slices, a vital element for brewing curing potions, from these upgraded farmers. Trading with Farmers can be beneficial for players who are in need of food and seeds for farming.





The librarian stands out as a top-tier character in the game primarily because they provide players with access to enchanted books at an affordable price. By trading, players can also obtain rare and useful from librarians, such as lanterns, clocks, bookshelves, name tags, glass blocks, and even compasses.




These trades allow players to obtain enchantments and increase their levels, ultimately upgrading their gear and abilities. Moreover, players can kickstart their emerald collection by trading paper with librarians in the early stages of Minecraft.





In Minecraft, the cleric profession is a valuable source of rare and magical items that are hard to come by. Clerics offer trades for potions, brewing ingredients like Glowstone, Nether Wart, Redstone dust and Blaze Powder, and Bottles o' Enchanting.




These items are essential for gaining experience points and obtaining useful potions. Engaging in trade with clerics is a smart way for players to get some of the most exciting and unique items.





Cartographer in Minecraft is the most costly villagers to trade with; their assistance is well worth the investment. Cartographers offer trades for maps, compasses, paper, and emeralds. Additionally, cartographers provide specialized maps that allow players to explore oceans and woodlands, uncovering hidden treasures such as woodland mansions, buried treasure, and ocean monuments.




Overall, engaging with cartographers can greatly enhance a player's gaming experience and help them to uncover new and exciting areas to explore.





Fishermen offer trades for fish, fishing rods, salmon, lily pads, a campfire, and Enchanted Books with fishing-related enchantments. Additionally, fishermen serve as a great source of initial emeralds in the early stages of Minecraft, as they buy coals and strings. Trading with Fishermen is beneficial for players in acquiring items from other Minecraft villagers.







In the Minecraft world, the role of a Shepherd is distinct from its real-world counterpart. It primarily focuses on providing decorative items such as paintings, banners, colored wool, and carpets. Despite offering less survival-oriented items, players can trade for wool and related items like shears and beds.







The Fletcher profession in Minecraft is one of the lesser-known Villager jobs, but it can provide players with valuable weapons and ammunition. Low-level Fletchers offer crossbows, flint, arrows, and bows, while high-level Fletchers can offer enchanted versions of these items, including tipped arrows. Trading with Fletchers can help players obtain ranged weapons and powerful enchantments.







In Minecraft, players can interact with the Butcher Villager to acquire various types of meat and rabbit stew. While players can easily create these food items themselves, purchasing them from the Butcher can be a convenient option if they have an abundance of emeralds.




However, the primary function of the Butcher profession is to sell raw meat to players. Trading with Butchers can be beneficial for players in need of food and combat-related items.




They offer players a range of leather-based items, such as leather armor pieces and leather horse armor. Their job site block is the cauldron, which is used to store water, lava, or powder snow. While leatherworkers were once popular for offering a horse saddle, this can now only be obtained from a master-level leatherworker.




Nowadays, they are not considered as useful as they were in earlier versions of Minecraft. However, if you are playing on the Bedrock edition, the cauldron allows you to store dyed water and potions.





The Mason villager job in Minecraft is a highly sought-after trade for players who want to add decorative elements to their buildings. Masons offer a variety of trades related to stone and related blocks. For example, players can trade different types of stones with Masons to get polished and chiseled versions of those stones.




At lower levels, Masons offer trades for bricks, which is useful for players who want to build structures with a brick aesthetic. As players level up their trades with Masons, they can unlock trades for colored and glazed terracotta, quartz pillars, and blocks of quartz.





The armorer is a villager job in Minecraft that specializes in selling armor and armor-related items. They sell armor pieces like helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots. Players can also buy chainmail armor from them, which cannot be crafted but is only found in loot chests. The armorer also trades iron ingots, which can be useful for players who don't have an iron farm.







A Toolsmith is a type of villager who focuses on crafting tools and weapons for the player. Their job site block is the smithing table. At lower levels, they offer basic tools such as pickaxes, shovels, and axes, which can be purchased with emeralds. At higher levels, they offer enchanted tools and weapons, such as an enchanted diamond pickaxe or a sharp V diamond sword. They also sell anvils at the master level, which is a necessary item for repairing and combining tools and weapons.







Weaponsmith is a type of villager that specializes in trading weapons and other combat-related items. At lower levels, they sell basic weapons like swords, axes, and shields. While at higher levels, they offer enchanted versions of these items with additional abilities like increased attack damage or durability. Weaponsmiths also offer crossbows, which can be useful for long-range combat.




At the highest level, weaponsmiths offer powerful Netherite tools and armor. Players can trade emeralds for these items, making them a valuable asset for players who want to gear up for tough battles or explore the Nether. Weaponsmiths can also repair damaged weapons and tools using an anvil, which can save players time and resources.





In conclusion, Minecraft Villagers have a vital role in the game, providing various benefits and services to the players. Each job offers unique trade options and benefits that can enhance the gameplay experience.


From Farmers who provide food to Cartographers who offer maps, every job has its own set of advantages. It's essential to understand each villager's job and their trades to maximize the potential of each encounter. By trading, players can acquire valuable resources and items that are otherwise difficult to obtain.

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