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The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Smooth Stone in Minecraft

The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Smooth Stone in Minecraft
Written by: Weeii

Welcome to the fantastic world of Minecraft, where creativity knows no bounds! If you're looking to enhance your in-game construction skills, you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we'll uncover the secrets to crafting smooth stone, a versatile and aesthetically pleasing block that can elevate your Minecraft builds to the next level.


Smooth stone is not only a visually appealing building material, but it's also explosion-resistant, making it an ideal choice for various structures. In the following sections, we'll walk you through the entire process of obtaining smooth stone, from crafting a furnace and acquiring stone to smelting smooth stone itself. So, strap in and get ready to become a smooth stone master in Minecraft!



Crafting a Furnace


To kickstart your smooth stone journey, you'll need to craft a furnace. A furnace is an essential tool in Minecraft, allowing you to smelt items and transform them into new and useful resources. In this section, we'll show you exactly how to create a furnace with ease.


First, gather the necessary materials. To craft a furnace, you'll need nine units of cobblestone, which can be easily found by mining stone blocks in your Minecraft world. Keep in mind that you'll need a pickaxe to mine cobblestone effectively.


Once you have the required cobblestone, open your crafting table interface. Arrange the cobblestone pieces around the perimeter, leaving the center square empty. Voila! You've crafted a furnace.


As a quick tip, remember that operating a furnace requires fuel. You have multiple fuel options in Minecraft, such as coal, charcoal, lava buckets, or even wooden items. Now that you've crafted a furnace, you're one step closer to obtaining smooth stone!

Acquiring Stone


With your furnace in hand, it's time to gather the next essential ingredient to craft smooth stone: stone itself. Stone is abundant in the world of Minecraft, but there's a catch – when you mine stone blocks, you'll typically obtain cobblestone instead of stone. Not to worry, though! We'll guide you through the process of turning that cobblestone into the stone you need.


First, make sure you have a sufficient amount of cobblestone. You can acquire cobblestone by mining stone blocks with a pickaxe in various locations, such as mountains, caves, or underground tunnels.


Next, place your furnace on the ground and right-click on it to open the furnace interface. You'll see two slots – one for fuel and one for the item you want to smelt. Put your chosen fuel (e.g., coal, charcoal, or a wooden item) in the fuel slot and place the cobblestone in the item slot. The furnace will begin smelting the cobblestone, transforming it into stone.


For each piece of cobblestone you smelt, you'll receive one unit of stone. Once you have enough stone, you're all set to start crafting smooth stone!

Crafting Smooth Stone in Minecraft


Now that you've got your furnace and a good amount of stone, you're ready to craft smooth stone, the sleek and stylish block that can give your Minecraft builds a polished look. In this section, we'll walk you through the simple process of transforming your regular stone into smooth stone.


To begin, make sure your furnace is placed on the ground and has fuel, such as coal or charcoal, to power it. If you're unsure about how much fuel you'll need, a good rule of thumb is that one unit of coal or charcoal can smelt eight items.


Next, right-click on the furnace to open its interface, and place the stone you obtained earlier in the top slot. Put your chosen fuel in the bottom slot, and the smelting process will begin automatically. After a few moments, the furnace will transform the stone into smooth stone, which you can collect from the output slot.


For each unit of stone you smelt, you'll receive one unit of smooth stone. Once you have the desired amount of smooth stone, you can start incorporating it into your Minecraft creations and explore its various uses!





You've now mastered the art of crafting smooth stone in Minecraft. With your newfound knowledge, you're ready to create visually appealing and explosion-resistant structures that will impress your fellow players. From crafting a furnace and acquiring stone to smelting smooth stone, you've learned every step of the process to obtain this sleek and versatile block.


Now it's time to unleash your creativity and put your smooth stone to good use. Experiment with different architectural styles and designs, and don't forget to explore the various crafting recipes that utilize smooth stone, such as blast furnaces and smooth stone slabs. The possibilities are endless, and the world of Minecraft is waiting for you to leave your mark with your extraordinary smooth stone creations. Happy building!

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