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Guide to Crafting Netherite Armor: After Update 1.20

Guide to Crafting Netherite Armor: After Update 1.20
Written by: Weeii

The dynamic world of Minecraft consistently evolves, keeping its millions of worldwide players on their toes. With the release of Minecraft 1.20, we are witnessing a significant shake-up of the rules we've grown accustomed to, especially when it comes to crafting the unparalleled Netherite Armor.


This brand-new and slightly complex method of obtaining the game's most formidable armor has become a hot topic in the Minecraft community. Hence, this article intends to simplify this process, helping both novices and seasoned players adapt and thrive under the new Minecraft mechanics. Buckle up and prepare to delve into the heart of the Nether to unravel its secrets!



Exploring the Nether: Understanding Netherite


Minecraft's universe brims with a vast array of materials, each bestowing unique possibilities. Nevertheless, none are quite as esteemed or coveted as Netherite. This extraordinary material claims the throne in terms of durability and strength, serving as the primary constituent of the game's mightiest armor, weapons, and tools. The astounding resilience of Netherite is such that it can laugh in the face of molten lava without breaking a sweat.


However, acquiring this superior material is no walk in the park. You can't simply mine Netherite like other ores. It nestles in the ominous depths of the Nether dimension, waiting for the most daring explorers to uncover it. To harness the power of Netherite armor, your journey must begin with securing Netherite ingots, a task which in itself, is an adventure to be undertaken. Let's delve into the details!

Getting Ready: Items Required for Crafting Netherite Armor


To embark on this exciting journey of crafting the formidable Netherite Armor, you'll need to ensure your inventory is well-stocked with certain vital elements. The following are the key components that will fuel your crafting expedition:


Netherite Ingots (4): These act as the core material for your armor.

Upgrade Smithing Templates (4): The novel ingredient introduced in Minecraft 1.20 that assists in the upgrading process.

A Set of Diamond Armor: This includes Boots, Chestplate, Helmet, and Leggings - the basic foundation for your upgraded armor.

Smithing Table: The crafting station where the magic of transformation occurs.


Blocks of Netherrack (3): These are optional but can come in handy.

Diamonds (21): These are optional but always useful for crafting and trading.

Crafting Table: Again, optional, but a Minecraft player's best friend when it comes to creating anything.

Lacking a diamond armor set? Fear not. The vast world of Minecraft is teeming with sparkling veins of diamonds, and there are numerous guides to help you locate them efficiently. After all, preparing for the journey is half the battle won.

Crafting the Key: How to Make Netherite Ingots


The heart of your Netherite Armor lies in the Netherite Ingots, a crucial component you need to have in your arsenal. These ingots are the key to unlocking the path to your Netherite Armor but making them requires careful assembly of particular ingredients. Here's a breakdown of the process:


To craft a Netherite Ingot, you'll first need to gather Netherite Scraps and Gold Ingots. The hunt for these can be an adventure in itself, but remember, patience is a virtue when it comes to mining in the Nether.


Once you have acquired the necessary Netherite Scraps and Gold Ingots, you'll need to assemble them. However, unlike the rigid formations of other crafting recipes, the assembly for a Netherite Ingot doesn't adhere to a specific shape.


In the crafting table, place your collected ingredients in any pattern. Regardless of how you arrange them, the result will be a shiny, new Netherite Ingot, ready to be utilized in your upcoming armor upgrade.

The New Addition: Netherite Upgrade Smithing Templates


The Minecraft 1.20 update has tossed a new ingredient into the mix for crafting Netherite Armor: the Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template. This element marks a significant departure from previous methods of upgrading your armor, opening up a new dimension of gameplay.


These Upgrade Smithing Templates aren't something you can simply create at a crafting table. You'll need to embrace the spirit of adventure and set off to uncover them from within the game's mysterious structures.


Your best bet is to probe the depths of the Nether, navigating the labyrinthine Bastion Remnants. Within these ancient fortresses, you'll encounter treasure rooms that potentially house the coveted Upgrade Smithing Templates. Keep your eyes peeled, as these templates can appear in any chest within the Bastion Remnants, blending in with the myriad of other spoils.


Securing these Upgrade Smithing Templates might require a hefty dose of patience, as well as a splash of good luck. But remember, no great reward ever came without a great adventure. Happy hunting!

The Crafting Process: Making Netherite Armor


After gathering all the necessary items and embarking on those mini-adventures, you are now prepared to create your Netherite Armor. The crafting process is straightforward once you have all the required elements at your disposal. Let's navigate through this transformative journey step by step:


To kickstart this process, locate a solid surface and place your Smithing Table. Then, use the right-click function or the secondary action key to activate it.


Now, in the leftmost slot of the Smithing Table, position your Upgrade Smithing Template.


After setting the template, choose the piece of Diamond Armor you plan to upgrade and place it adjacent to the template, in the middle slot of the Smithing Table.


Once your diamond armor is correctly positioned, it's time to introduce the Netherite Ingot. Place this in the rightmost slot of the Smithing Table. As soon as you do this, your diamond armor piece will transform into a piece of the superior Netherite Armor. The best part? This transformation doesn't cost you any experience points!


You've successfully upgraded one piece of your armor, but we're not done yet. Repeat the above process for each piece of your Diamond Armor set to fully upgrade to a Netherite Armor Set.


And voila! You now possess the highly sought-after Netherite Armor. But wait, the fun doesn't stop here. It's time to enhance your armor with some enchantments!

Powering Up: Netherite Armor Enchantments


Netherite Armor stands as the pinnacle of protection in Minecraft, but it doesn't mean we can't make it even better. By adding enchantments to your newly crafted Netherite Armor, you can boost its functionalities, and tailor it to your playing style. Here are a few enchantments that pair perfectly with Netherite Armor:


Mending: The world of Minecraft is full of unexpected adventures, and some of them can leave a mark on your armor. The Mending enchantment utilizes experience orbs to repair the durability of your Netherite Armor, keeping it in prime condition.


Feather Falling: Minecraft's landscapes are often treacherous and full of high cliffs. The Feather Falling enchantment, specifically for boots, reduces the speed of your fall, effectively making you more resistant to fall damage. Now, you can explore the verticality of Minecraft without fear.


Protection or Blast Protection: Netherite Armor is strong, but it doesn't render you invincible. Protection enchantments add an extra layer of safety, shielding you from various types of damage. Whether you're facing the explosive Creepers or venturing into areas with a lot of fire, these enchantments will give you the additional resilience you need.





Minecraft is a game of endless discovery and creativity, continually evolving with updates like 1.20. Crafting Netherite Armor in this latest version offers an immersive, challenging, and rewarding journey through the perilous Nether. It's a quest that embodies the spirit of exploration and resourcefulness that makes Minecraft so compelling.


By following this comprehensive guide, you'll be well-prepared to navigate the Nether's dark corners, mine the powerful Netherite, and craft the formidable Netherite Armor. And, with some carefully selected enchantments, you'll boost your armor's capabilities to match your adventuring needs.


But remember, Minecraft isn't merely about the destination—it's about the journey. And the journey to crafting Netherite Armor is an exhilarating one, filled with challenges, discoveries, and rewards. So, get your pickaxe, don your explorer's cap, and set off on your own thrilling adventure into the depths of the Nether. Happy crafting!

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