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How To Unlock Competitive In Overwatch 2

How To Unlock Competitive In Overwatch 2
Image Credit: Blizzard
Written by: ar1essss

Overwatch 2 is the second installment of the now legendary Blizzard Entertaiment series. The game was officially released in early October, creating a stir. Millions of fans returned to Overwatch 2 to experience the spirit of the game again. The servers were overflowing; many just couldn't get into the game. The fact that Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play game, while the first part was paid, also played a role. 


There are quite a few different modes in the game, but one of them is the most important - Competitive. For those who have played Overwatch before, this mode is available initially when you enter the second part. But newcomers will have to spend a little bit of their time to perform a few steps that will give them access to this mode.


Here’s how to unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2.



How To Unlock Ranked In Overwatch 2?


Before Overwatch 2’s launch, developer Blizzard published a blog post detailing its adjustments to Competitive. The blog lists all the changes made to the mode, which are wide-ranging enough that even returning players should read through them before queueing up for a match. You need either seven wins or 20 losses to get your rank.



But if you are a newcomer, and you haven't played the first part before Overwatch 2, then you need to complete the following tasks. First, Blizzard has removed the player level system, so you won't have to make it to level 25 like players did in the first game.


Now you need to go through the First Time User Experience. The FTUE is a required quest-based experience that will help you learn about all the games' maps, modes, and playable characters.


You also need 50 Quick Play Matches to unlock Ranked Mode in Overwatch 2. In general, this innovation is quite useful and more effective than it was in Overwatch 2. Now players will definitely become familiar with the game's basic mechanics, weapons, abilities, and maps. Moreover, it's impossible to win 50 Quick Match in one day, so it will take 8-10 hours for newcomers to open Ranked Mode.

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