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Overwatch 2 Players Face Backlash for Alleged Racist Messages

Overwatch 2 Players Face Backlash for Alleged Racist Messages
Written by: ASH

Three Overwatch 2 players, s9mm, mikeyy, and ojee, face backlash for allegedly sending racist messages on Discord. This controversy emerges as the Overwatch 2 competitive scene witnesses a revival, with new teams joining the fray. However, the accused trio, previously part of the Overwatch League, might see their professional gaming careers at risk due to these allegations.


An anonymous account brought these messages to light on Twitter/X, showcasing the players using racial slurs. The revelation came just hours before the Overwatch 2 roster lock deadline, forcing M80, the team that signed s9mm, to seek a replacement urgently.



s9mm, mikeyy, and ojee have a history in the Overwatch League, with the former two having played for the San Francisco Shock and ojee for the Atlanta Reign in late 2022. In response to the controversy, M80 stated that the disclosed behavior does not reflect their team values, leading to s9mm's dismissal from the roster.


This incident has sparked discussions on player conduct and the immediate need for teams to address such behavior, emphasizing the importance of aligning with team values and ethics in competitive gaming. The future actions of M80 and the consequences for the involved players remain to be seen as the Overwatch 2 community reacts to these developments. 

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