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Blizzard Withholds Bonuses Amid Overwatch 2 Troubles

Blizzard Withholds Bonuses Amid Overwatch 2 Troubles
Written by: ASH

Blizzard Entertainment faces challenges with its game Overwatch 2, as employees reportedly did not receive expected bonuses. The change in bonus policy impacts developers, raising concerns within the industry. Overwatch 2, a sequel to the popular team-based shooter, has struggled to meet expectations, leading to significant policy adjustments by Blizzard.


Traditionally part of Blizzard's compensation structure, the decision to withhold bonuses has sparked debate about the company's approach to rewarding its workforce amidst the game's performance issues.


Blizzard_Withholds_Bonuses_Amid_Overwatch_2_Troubles 2


Developers at Blizzard, known for creating engaging game experiences, have expressed their disappointment over the loss of bonus pay. This shift in policy comes as Overwatch 2 faces criticism and challenges in maintaining its player base and revenue projections. The game, which builds upon the success of its predecessor, has not achieved the anticipated success, prompting Blizzard to reevaluate its strategies.


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The gaming community and industry observers closely watch Blizzard's moves as the company navigates these turbulent times. The decision to alter bonus structures has raised questions about the future of employee incentives and morale at Blizzard. As the company strives to improve Overwatch 2 and regain its footing, the impact of these changes on its team and the broader gaming landscape remains to be seen.

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