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Best Moveset for Reshiram in Pokemon Go

Best Moveset for Reshiram in Pokemon Go
Written by: iamharoongill

December in Pokemon Go is set to be an exciting time, especially for fans of legendary Pokemon. Reshiram, the majestic Fire/Dragon-type Pokemon, is making a grand re-entry as a highlight of the 5-Star Raid Battles. This event offers players a chance to engage with one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game but also a rare opportunity to add this legendary creature to their collection.


In the world of Pokemon Go, the strength and versatility of your PvP roster can significantly impact your success in battles. Reshiram, with its unique dual typing and impressive moveset, stands out as a formidable addition to any player's arsenal. Its capabilities in battles, especially in the PvP format, make understanding and acquiring the "Best moveset for Reshiram in Pokemon Go" an essential task for competitive players.




Reshiram Background




Reshiram first captured the attention of Pokemon Go fans in Generation 5 as a part of the Tao Trio, along with Zekrom and Kyurem. Originating from the Unova region, these legendary Pokemon have been central figures in the Pokemon narrative, known for their powerful stats and striking designs.


Pokemon Go players were first introduced to Reshiram in 2020, marking a significant addition to the game's expanding universe. Its introduction brought a new level of challenge and excitement to the gameplay. It allows players to encounter and capture this legendary Pokemon in various events and battles.


Adding to the excitement, Pokemon Go has announced that Reshiram's Shiny form will be available in the December 2023 Raid battles. This limited-time event provides an exclusive opportunity for players to encounter and capture the Shiny variant of Reshiram.



Reshiram Stats and Typing




Reshiram boasts an impressive stat line, making it a top contender in battles. With an attack stat of 275, it can deliver powerful blows to opponents. Its defense stat of 211 ensures durability in combat, while a stamina stat of 205 allows it to sustain in prolonged battles. These stats contribute to Reshiram's reputation as a formidable opponent in any matchup.


In Pokemon Go, Combat Power (CP) is a crucial measure of a Pokemon's overall strength and battle readiness. Reshiram shines in this area with a maximum CP value of 4038. This high CP not only showcases its power but also its potential to be a game-changer in various battle scenarios.


As a Fire/Dragon-type, Reshiram has a unique set of vulnerabilities and resistances that players must consider. It is particularly vulnerable to Rock, Ground, and Dragon-type attacks, which can pose a significant threat in battles. However, it also has resistance against Fire, Bug, Electric, Steel, and Grass moves, providing a distinct advantage against opponents.



Best Moveset for PvP, Gym, and Raid Battles





Optimal Fast Move: Fire Fang


Comparison with Dragon Breath: When it comes to selecting the best fast move for Reshiram, players are often torn between Fire Fang and Dragon Breath. While Dragon Breath is a reliable move with its own merits, especially against Dragon-type opponents, Fire Fang generally comes out on top for Reshiram. This preference is largely due to Fire Fang's synergy with Reshiram's Fire typing and its overall impact in most battle scenarios.


Explanation of Fire Fang's EPS and DPS Benefits: Fire Fang shines in two critical aspects - Energy Per Second (EPS) and Damage Per Second (DPS). With a higher EPS, Fire Fang allows Reshiram to generate energy more quickly, enabling faster access to its powerful charge moves. Additionally, its superior DPS translates into more damage output over time, making Reshiram a more formidable opponent in battles.



Optimal Charge Move: Fusion Flare


Advantages of Fusion Flare as a Signature Move: Fusion Flare stands out as the best charge move for Reshiram, primarily because it's Reshiram's signature move. This move not only aligns perfectly with Reshiram's Fire typing but also offers an impressive damage output. The significance of a signature move like Fusion Flare lies in its unique ability to maximize a Pokémon's potential in battle, leveraging its innate strengths.


Comparison of DPS and Energy Usage: In terms of DPS, Fusion Flare is unparalleled, delivering high damage quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the energy cost for Fusion Flare is balanced, allowing Reshiram to use this move frequently enough in battles without overly depleting its energy reserves. This balance between damage output and energy usage makes Fusion Flare an indispensable tool in Reshiram's arsenal.



Alternative Charge Move: Draco Meteor


Benefits for Type Coverage: Although Fusion Flare is typically the preferred charge move, Draco Meteor presents a viable alternative, especially for players looking to expand Reshiram's type coverage. Draco Meteor, a powerful Dragon-type move, provides an edge against certain opponents, particularly those vulnerable to Dragon-type attacks. This versatility can be crucial in specific battle scenarios where type advantage plays a significant role.


Consideration of Elite TM for Re-learning Fusion Flare: It's important to note that if a player chooses to switch to Draco Meteor, re-learning Fusion Flare would require the use of an Elite TM. This consideration is vital as Elite TMs are rare resources in Pokemon Go. Players must weigh the benefits of type coverage with Draco Meteor against the potential need to revert to Fusion Flare for optimal performance in different battles.


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Reshiram Effectiveness in Pokemon Go




Reshiram, a legendary Fire/Dragon-type, stands out as one of the most formidable Fire-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Its dual typing allows it to leverage the strengths of both Fire and Dragon types, making it a versatile and powerful contender. As a Fire-type, Reshiram benefits from resistance to common types like Bug, Steel, and Grass, allowing it to hold its ground in a variety of battles. Its high attack stat further bolsters its position as a top-tier Fire-type Pokemon, capable of delivering significant damage to opponents.


In Raids and Gym battles, Reshiram's effectiveness is particularly noticeable. Its powerful moveset, combined with its high stats, enables it to take down tough opponents efficiently. In PvP battles, Reshiram's strengths shine through its ability to quickly charge and unleash powerful moves, giving it an edge in fast-paced combat scenarios. Its type of resistance also plays a crucial role in these battles, often turning the tide in its favor.


Reshiram's prowess allows it to counter and defeat several high-ranking opponents in the game. For instance, it excels against famous Steel-type opponents like Registeel, Cobalion, and Steelix, thanks to its Fire-type moves, which exploit their vulnerabilities. Additionally, its Dragon-type moves provide an advantage against various Dragon-type adversaries, showcasing its versatility and strength in diverse battle situations.



Complete List of Moves Reshiram Can Learn




Reshiram has access to a variety of moves, each offering different strategic benefits. Here's a complete list of its Fast and Charge Moves:



Fast Moves:


  • Dragon Breath: A strong Dragon-type move, effective against Dragon-type opponents.
  • Fire Fang: A Fire-type move with high DPS and EPS, ideal for general use.



Charge Moves:


  • Stone Edge: A Rock-type move, useful for covering Reshiram’s weaknesses.
  • Overheat: A powerful Fire-type move with high damage but reduces Reshiram’s attack after use.
  • Crunch: A Dark-type move offering coverage against Ghost and Psychic types.
  • Draco Meteor: A high-damage Dragon-type move, effective, but with a significant energy cost.
  • Fusion Flare: Reshiram’s signature Fire-type move, offering a balanced mix of damage and energy cost.



Potential for Different Reshiram Builds


With this range of moves, players have the flexibility to experiment with different Reshiram builds. Each move combination can be tailored to specific battle scenarios, such as prioritizing type coverage or maximizing DPS. For instance, pairing Fire Fang with Fusion Flare creates a strong Fire-type specialist, while combining Dragon Breath with Draco Meteor offers a formidable Dragon-type build. The choice of moves will depend on the player's strategy and the specific requirements of the battles they are engaging in.



Final Words


Understanding and utilizing the best moveset for Reshiram in Pokemon Go is crucial for players looking to maximize this legendary Pokémon's potential. With its dominant presence as a Fire/Dragon-type, Reshiram's optimal combination of Fire Fang and Fusion Flare in PvP, Gym, and Raid battles positions it as a formidable force in the game.


The alternative option of Draco Meteor offers additional type coverage, providing flexibility in strategy. Whether facing high-ranking opponents in PvP or aiming for dominance in Raids and Gyms, Reshiram’s diverse move pool allows various builds, catering to different battle scenarios.


This versatility, coupled with its impressive stats and resistance, firmly establishes Reshiram as one of the top contenders in Pokemon Go's ever-evolving landscape. As players continue to explore the best strategies for their teams, incorporating Reshiram and its most effective moveset will undoubtedly be a game-changer in their Pokemon Go journey.

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