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How To Get Shiny Poliwag in Pokemon Go

How To Get Shiny Poliwag in Pokemon Go
Written by: iamharoongill

In Pokémon GO, excitement burgeons as the Spotlight Hour event in March 2024 turn the spotlight on Poliwag, a beloved Water-type Pokémon from the Kanto region. Esteemed for its evolutionary prowess into a unique Water and Fighting-type, Poliwag stands out with two distinct evolutionary paths, captivating players with its versatility and battle potential. The allure intensifies with the possibility of encountering its shiny variant, a coveted prize for many trainers.


In this guide, we delve into the essential strategies and insights to seize the opportunity to capture the shimmering, elusive Shiny Poliwag, enhance your collection, and embark on a vibrant Pokémon GO adventure. Whether you're a seasoned trainer or new to the game, understanding how to find and evolve this aquatic gem will elevate your Pokémon journey.




Can Poliwag Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?




Yes, Poliwag and its entire evolutionary lineage can manifest as shinies in Pokémon GO, adding a vibrant twist to your collection. For enthusiasts keen to differentiate these rarities, it's crucial to recognize the subtle hue variations that distinguish the shiny Poliwag and Poliwhirl from their standard counterparts, with shinies sporting slightly lighter shades. The transformation is more dramatic in Poliwrath and Politoed; the shiny Poliwrath flaunts a striking green instead of its usual blue, while Politoed dazzles in blue, deviating from its standard green.


For trainers on the hunt, identifying a shiny is straightforward because the distinct shiny symbol adjacent to the Pokémon's CP is a clear indicator of your prized catch. Understanding these visual cues is paramount in your quest, enabling you to discern and capture these elusive variants swiftly. As you immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Pokémon GO, armed with this knowledge, your journey to find a shiny Poliwag becomes not just a pursuit but an exciting exploration of nuances and rare beauty in this ever-evolving Pokémon universe.



How To Get Shiny Poliwag in Pokemon GO


How_To_Get_Shiny_Poliwag_in_Pokemon GO


To embark on the quest for a Shiny Poliwag in Pokémon GO, trainers must focus their searches in the wild, particularly near aquatic environments like lakes, rivers, and beaches where this Water-type Pokémon commonly resides. Although Poliwag was previously available in 1-Star Raids, it now primarily appears in the wild, making local water bodies prime spots for your shiny hunt.


Participating in the Spotlight Hour significantly elevates your chances of encountering a Poliwag Shiny. Although these events do not explicitly increase the shiny rates, they boost Poliwag spawn rates, offering more opportunities for an encounter. Each Poliwag encounter resets the odds of finding a shiny, theoretically allowing you to discover one at any point, even on your first try.


Enhancing your hunt can be efficiently done by strategically using Lure Modules and Incense, primarily the Glacial and Rainy Lure Modules, which are known to attract more Water-type Pokémon. Additionally, playing during rainy weather can further increase your chances, as Water-types like Poliwag are more prevalent under such conditions.



How To Get Shiny Poliwrath, Poliwhirl, and Politoed




After the thrilling moment of catching a Shiny Poliwag, the next step in your Pokémon GO adventure is to evolve it into a Shiny Poliwrath, Poliwhirl, or Politoed. Each offers a unique addition to your shiny collection. To evolve Poliwag into Poliwhirl, you'll need 25 Poliwag candies, a relatively straightforward process that transforms your shiny catch into its next stunning form.


To progress further, Shiny Poliwhirl must evolve into Politoed or Poliwrath, which requires strategic decisions and additional resources. For Poliwrath, you'll need 100 Poliwag candies, continuing its evolution without needing any extra items. However, if you're aiming for Politoed, you'll also need a King's Rock and the candies, introducing a choice in your evolutionary path.


Obtaining King's Rock can be challenging, with options including purchasing it from the shop or hoping for a fortunate drop when spinning PokeStops. While the odds may seem daunting, persistence pays off, providing a thrilling sense of achievement when you finally evolve your Poliwag Shiny into one of these impressive final forms.





Remember that patience and strategy are your best allies in your quest for the elusive Shiny Poliwag in Pokémon GO. Whether exploring water-rich environments, capitalizing on the Spotlight Hour, or utilizing lures and weather boosts, every effort brings you closer to that gleaming prize.


As you evolve your Poliwag Shiny into its magnificent evolutions, the satisfaction of each achievement enriches your Pokémon journey. So, gear up, stay persistent, and embrace the thrill of the hunt. Your dedication will enhance your collection and deepen your connection to the Pokémon GO community and the shared excitement of capturing these radiant creatures.


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