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How to get Florges in Pokemon Go

How to get Florges in Pokemon Go
Written by: iamharoongill

Are you on a quest to enhance your Fairy-type lineup in Pokémon Go? Look no further than Florges, a captivating addition that offers a fresh alternative to the usual choices for Fairy enthusiasts. Originating from the Generation 6 games, Florges beautifies your collection and brings formidable prowess to your battles, particularly against those daunting Dragon-types.


As we delve into the intricacies of acquiring Florges, including its evolution from Flabébé, optimal movesets for both PvP and PvE and the prospects of encountering its shiny form, you'll discover why this Pokémon is a must-have for any Fairy-type aficionado. Whether you're saving on Candy and Stardust or seeking a versatile contender for your team, understanding how to get Florges in Pokémon Go is your next strategic move.




Florges: An Overview




Florges, a distinguished Fairy-type Pokémon, commands attention with its elegant appearance and strategic prowess in battles. This enchanting creature made its debut in the sixth generation of the Pokémon series, quickly establishing itself as a favorite among trainers who value both aesthetics and functionality. In Pokémon Go, Florges isn't just a visual treat; it's a robust competitor with valuable attributes that can significantly influence the outcome of your battles, particularly in the realm of PvP and PvE scenarios.


At the heart of Florges' appeal is its versatility and effectiveness against the formidable Dragon-types, a common adversary in various battle formats. As a Fairy-type, Florges benefits from type advantages, making it a strategic choice for trainers aiming to diversify their lineup with reliable and potent options. Its role extends beyond just battling; Florges embodies the charm and mystique of Fairy-types, enhancing your collection's diversity and appeal.



How to Acquire Florges in Pokémon Go


Securing Florges for your Pokémon Go collection involves a captivating journey that begins with the charming Flabébé. This section will guide you step by step on how to transform the diminutive Flabébé into the elegant Florges, making it a standout addition to your Fairy-type arsenal.




  1. Catching Flabébé: Your quest starts with finding and catching Flabébé, Florges's initial form. Flabébé tends to appear more frequently in the wild during specific events like the Verdant Wonders, so capitalize on these opportunities to catch as many as you can.
  2. Evolving into Floette: Once you've gathered a sufficient number of Flabébé, the next step is evolving one into Floette. This transformation requires 25 candies, a relatively modest amount that encourages trainers to engage actively in capturing Flabébé during its increased spawn rates.
  3. Final Evolution into Florges: Transitioning from Floette to Florges is the culminating step and demands 100 candies. While the candy count is higher, the evolution yields a powerful and visually stunning Florges, making the effort entirely worthwhile.
  4. Optimizing Evolution Opportunities: Engaging in events like Verdant Wonders facilitates the acquisition of Flabébé and provides enhanced opportunities to collect the necessary candies for evolution. Additionally, using Pinap Berries during catches can double the candy yield, accelerating your progress toward obtaining Florges.



Best Florges PvP moves




Florges isn't just a sight to behold; it's a formidable contender in the PvP arenas of Pokémon Go. Its Fairy-type moves are especially valuable in combat, giving it an edge against popular Dragon, Fighting, and Dark-type adversaries. Here's how you can optimize Florges for PvP success:


  1. Ideal Moveset: For PvP, the recommended moveset for Florges comprises Fairy Wind as a Fast Move and Psychic as a Charged Move. Fairy Wind provides consistent energy generation, allowing Florges to execute its Charged Moves more frequently. Psychic, on the other hand, offers substantial damage output and the potential for defense reduction, making it a strategic choice for wearing down opponents.
  2. Secondary Charged Move: Incorporating Moonblast as a second Charged Move can be a game-changer, delivering powerful Fairy-type damage and serving as a counter to many common threats in PvP leagues.
  3. Tactical Play: In PvP, timing your shield usage and Charged Moves can significantly impact the outcome. Use Florges' strengths to pressure opponents into using their shields early while conservatively managing your own to protect against their heavy hitters.
  4. League Considerations: While Florges can be a strong choice in various PvP scenarios, its effectiveness may vary depending on the league. Test different strategies and movesets to find what works best within each competitive tier.



Best Florges PvE moves


In PvE contexts like raids and gym battles, Florges' value shines through its robust attack power and resilience. Its utility in PvE is highlighted by its ability to take on Dragon types, which are prevalent in many high-level raids:


  1. Optimal Moveset: The best PvE moveset for Florges also combines Fairy Wind and Psychic, maximizing both energy generation and damage output. This combination ensures that Florges can consistently deliver high damage and maintain pressure against raid bosses and gym defenders.
  2. Using Moonblast: In scenarios where raw power is paramount, selecting Moonblast as Florges' Charged Move provides a significant boost in damage, especially effective against Dragon, Fighting, and Dark types prevalent in PvE settings.
  3. Role in Raids: Florges serves as a reliable attacker in raids, particularly against Dragon-type bosses. While it may not outperform every top-tier Fairy-type, its accessibility and solid performance make it a worthy addition to any raid team.
  4. Resource Management: As with PvP, optimizing Florges for PvE involves careful resource management. Invest in powering up and acquiring the necessary moves to maximize Florges' effectiveness while considering your overall strategy and resource availability.





In the enchanting world of Pokémon Go, Florges emerges as a radiant and potent Fairy-type, ideal for those seeking both elegance and strength on their roster. Whether you aim to dominate in PvP battles, excel in PvE activities, or simply aspire to collect every shiny variant, Florges offers a diverse and rewarding experience.


From strategic battles against Dragon-types to the joy of evolving your very own from a Flabébé, the journey to obtaining and mastering Florges is filled with excitement and tactical depth. Embrace the challenge, optimize your strategies, and let Florges be a shining beacon in your Pokémon Go adventures.

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