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How to get Heracross in Pokemon Go

How to get Heracross in Pokemon Go
Written by: iamharoongill

Welcome to the ultimate guide on "How to Get Heracross in Pokemon Go," a resource dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of acquiring and optimizing one of Pokemon Go's most distinctive creatures. Heracross, a dual Bug and Fighting-type Pokemon stands out with its remarkable combination of attributes that make it a valuable asset for any trainer.


Originating from the Generation 2 series and gaining popularity through its anime appearances, particularly as one of Ash's companions, Heracross has a special place in the hearts of fans. With the buzz around its anticipated Mega Evolution in the "World of Wonders" season, understanding how to capture, utilize, and evolve Heracross is crucial for players aiming to enhance their gameplay and team dynamics. Stay tuned to discover all there is to know about Heracross in Pokemon Go, from its strategic prowess in battles to its shiny variants and beyond.




Heracross in Pokemon Go




Heracross in Pokemon Go is not just any regular Pokemon; it's a unique blend of Bug and Fighting types, offering an intriguing mix of power and strategy for trainers. Known for its characteristic horn that resembles that of a beetle, Heracross made its debut in the Generation 2 games and quickly became a fan favorite, especially after its notable appearances alongside Ash in the Pokemon anime.


In Pokemon Go, Heracross maintains its reputation for strength and versatility. While it primarily thrives in regions like South America, Central America, and the southern parts of the United States, its appeal is global, especially with the exciting announcement from Niantic regarding the introduction of Mega Heracross. This new evolution, debuting in the current 'World of Wonders' season, promises to elevate Heracross's utility in battles, providing trainers with even more reasons to seek out this formidable Pokemon.



How to Acquire Heracross in Pokemon Go




Catching Heracross in Pokemon Go is a thrilling experience that requires knowledge of its unique spawning locations and raid participation strategies. To add Heracross to your team, you'll primarily need to find it in the wild, especially in its native habitats within South and Central America or the southern United States. However, for those residing outside these regions, don't lose hope—Heracross occasionally becomes available worldwide during special events or through 3-Star Raids, providing a universal opportunity to catch this rare Pokemon.


Engaging in 3-Star Raids is another effective way to capture Heracross. Assemble a team of strong Psychic, Flying, or Fairy-type Pokemon to exploit Heracross's weaknesses and increase your chances of a successful capture. Additionally, staying updated with Niantic's announcements is crucial, as they may reveal specific events or periods when Heracross becomes more accessible globally.



Shiny Heracross in Pokemon Go




For collectors and enthusiasts alike, the prospect of catching a shiny Heracross adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. Shiny Heracross, distinguishable by its blue hue compared to the regular pink, offers a unique aesthetic appeal. While the odds are slim—approximately 1 in 500 in the wild—the thrill of encountering a shiny Heracross is unmatched.


To maximize your chances of finding a shiny Heracross, participate in as many Heracross encounters as possible, whether in the wild during its boosted spawn rates in specific regions or through Raids. 



Heracross PvP moves


Heracross shines in Pokemon Go's PvP battles thanks to its unique type combination and robust moveset. For optimal performance in trainer battles, equip Heracross with Counter as its Fast Move, capitalizing on its high damage output and energy generation. When selecting Charged Moves, Close Combat emerges as a formidable choice, delivering significant Fighting-type damage despite its self-debuffing effect, which lowers Heracross's defense.


Trainers should consider the tactical use of Close Combat, unleashing this powerful move strategically to secure KOs before Heracross's decreased defense becomes a liability. Alternatively, Megahorn serves as an impactful Bug-type Charged Move, offering coverage against Dark, Psychic, and Grass types. For added versatility, Rock Blast can be a strategic choice to surprise opponents expecting a standard Fighting-type moveset, providing coverage against Flying and Fire types.



Heracross PvE moves




In Pokemon Go's PvE content, such as Raids and Gym battles, Heracross's role is equally pivotal. Its ideal PvE moveset also leverages Counter as the Fast Move, paired with Megahorn for its potent STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) impact. This combination excels against vulnerable types, particularly in Raid battles where Heracross can contribute significantly to the team's damage output.


Heracross's max CP of 3101 positions it as a solid contender, not just as a Bug and Fighting-type attacker but also as a versatile member of any Raid team. When facing Dark-type Raid Bosses, Heracross's Bug-type moves prove especially effective, making it a valuable asset in such matchups.



Complete Moveset Analysis


Understanding Heracross full moveset is crucial for trainers aiming to maximize its potential in various game scenarios:


Fast Moves:


  • Counter (Fighting): A high-energy generating move, ideal for quickly charging up Charged Moves.
  • Struggle Bug (Bug): Offers Bug-type coverage, complementing Heracross's type diversity.


Charged Moves:


  • Close Combat (Fighting): Delivers substantial damage but reduces Heracross's defense, best used strategically.
  • Megahorn (Bug): A powerful STAB move, effective against several types.
  • Earthquake (Ground): Provides additional coverage, particularly against Electric and Rock types.
  • Rock Blast (Rock): A quicker move that can catch opponents off-guard, useful for shield baiting.






In this comprehensive guide, we've explored the various strategies and tips for capturing and maximizing the potential of Heracross in Pokemon Go. From understanding its unique attributes and regional availability to mastering its moveset for PvP and PvE battles, Heracross proves to be a valuable and versatile addition to any trainer's lineup. As trainers look forward to the exciting introduction of Mega Heracross, the significance of this Bug and Fighting-type Pokemon is set to increase further.

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