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How To Get Shikai In Type Soul

How To Get Shikai In Type Soul
Written by: iamharoongill

In the vast realms of Roblox gaming, Type Soul emerges as a thrilling RPG inspired by the beloved anime Bleach. Here, players dive into an expansive open world, choosing their path as a Hollow, Soul Reaper, or Quincy—each with unique progression trees and objectives. Central to the Soul Reaper's journey is the acquisition of Shikai, a formidable power that unlocks a deeper aspect of their being, enhancing their combat abilities significantly.


This guide will explore the intricate process of how to get Shikai in Type Soul, detailing every necessary step from your initial transformation into a Shinigami to the ultimate challenge of conquering your Shikai boss. Ready to wield your soul's true power? Let's start your journey to unlocking Shikai.




What is Shikai in Type Soul




In Type Soul, Shikai represents a significant milestone for any player choosing the path of the Shinigami. This mystical power is akin to awakening a dormant spirit within the player's weapon, known as the Zanpakuto. Shikai grants enhanced abilities and transforms the weapon into a more potent form, reflecting the wielder's soul and combat essence.


Unlocking Shikai is pivotal as it marks a player's progression into deeper game mechanics, allowing for more strategic and robust gameplay. To initiate this transformation, players must first achieve Grade 2, a rank that indicates their growing mastery and experience as a Soul Reaper. The journey to unlocking Shikai involves more than just gaining experience; it requires a deep connection with one's Zanpakuto through repeated meditation, culminating in a challenging battle against a unique boss that mirrors the player's skills and abilities.


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Steps to get Shikai in Type Soul Roblox




Unlocking Shikai in Type Soul is an engaging journey that requires dedication and strategy. Here's a step-by-step guide to achieving this significant milestone:


Becoming a Shinigami:


    • Start your journey: After becoming a lost soul, locate Kisuke to become a Shinigami, the only class capable of unlocking Shikai.
    • Initial transformation: Upon meeting Kisuke, you will be transformed into a Shinigami of the lowest grade, setting the stage for your ascent.


Progressing to Grade 2:


    • Complete missions: Engage in various missions to gain experience and insights into the Shinigami way.
    • Earn Division EXP: Accumulate Division EXP through your mission completions, which is essential for rising through the ranks to Grade 2.


Meditating in the Soul Society:


    • Access Meditation: Once you reach Grade 2, the ability to meditate becomes available, a crucial step for connecting with your Zanpakuto.
    • Undergo Meditation: Head to the Soul Society and meditate, each lasting 5–7 minutes. Repeat this process three times to deepen your bond.


Defeating the Shikai Boss:


    • Encounter your inner world: On your fourth meditation, you will be transported to your inner world, facing the Shikai boss—a formidable enemy mirroring your abilities.
    • Conquer the boss: Defeat this adversary to unlock your Shikai. If unsuccessful, a 10-minute cooldown applies before you meditate again and reattempt the challenge.


Following these steps diligently will unlock your Shikai and deepen your engagement with the rich lore and dynamic combat system of "Type Soul." Embrace this challenge and let your journey towards mastering Shikai begin!



Types of Shikai Available in Roblox




In Roblox Type Soul, the Shikai you receive is randomly assigned after defeating the Shikai boss. Each Shikai type offers unique abilities and enhancements, categorized into three levels of rarity:


  • Legendary (3% chance): Includes Suzumebachi, Theater, Flower, Ice, Blood, and Ink. These Shikais provide exceptional abilities that can dramatically alter gameplay.
  • Rare (10% chance): Features Shikais like Poison, Zangetsu, Wind, Judgment, and Fire, offering robust skills that are more accessible but still powerful.
  • Common (83% chance): Consists of Berserk, Confusion, Creation, Lightning, Shadow, and Water. These are more frequently encountered and provide a solid boost to a player's capabilities.



Obtaining the Desired Shikai




Given the random nature of Shikai allocation, players may not initially receive their preferred type. However, there is a mechanism to influence this outcome:


  • Shikai Reroll Item: This item allows players to reroll their Shikai type to obtain one of the more coveted or suitable Shikais for their playing style. Players should collect these items through gameplay achievements and special events.


Players are encouraged to stockpile Shikai Reroll Items to optimize the chances of getting a preferred Shikai. This strategy is particularly vital for those aiming for a Legendary Shikai, which can significantly enhance the gameplay experience with its unique powers and abilities. Embrace the challenge and the thrill of the chase as you aim to unlock and perfect your ideal Shikai in "Type Soul."





Getting Shikai in Type Soul is a thrilling adventure that blends strategy, patience, and perseverance. From starting as a Shinigami to engaging in challenging battles in your quest for Shikai, each step offers a deeper immersion into this dynamic world. Whether you end up with a Legendary, Rare, or Common Shikai, each type enhances your gameplay uniquely, reflecting your character's growth and strategic choices. Collect Shikai Reroll Items to optimize your chances for your desired Shikai, and enjoy the depth and excitement that Type Soul offers. Embrace the journey, and let the spirit of the game guide you to mastery and beyond.

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