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Every Bedwars Command in Roblox (2023)

Every Bedwars Command in Roblox (2023)
Written by: iamharoongill

Roblox Bedwars is a multiplayer strategy game that has captured the hearts of countless players worldwide. In this fast-paced, competitive environment, your mission is to protect your team's bed while devising cunning strategies to annihilate your opponents' bases. To achieve victory, you'll need skill, teamwork, and a firm grasp of the game's many commands.


In this all-encompassing guide, we'll provide you with an in-depth understanding of all the commands available in Roblox Bedwars, ensuring you're well-equipped to tackle the battlefield with finesse and expertise. These commands enable you to navigate the battlefield with ease, communicate effectively with teammates, and gain a strategic advantage over your adversaries. So, gather your fellow warriors and get ready to delve into the comprehensive world of Roblox Bedwars commands.




Getting Started with Roblox Bedwars




Roblox Bedwars revolves around team-based gameplay, where players are divided into different teams, each with its own bed to protect. The game mechanics and objectives are as follows:

  1. Protect your bed: The primary goal in Roblox Bedwars is to defend your team's bed from enemy attacks. If your bed is destroyed, your team will no longer be able to respawn, making it significantly more challenging to stay in the game.
  2. Destroy enemy beds: While defending your bed is crucial, you must also focus on attacking and destroying your opponents' beds. Eliminating an enemy team's bed prevents them from respawning, giving your team a strategic advantage.
  3. Resource gathering: Throughout the game, players must collect resources such as iron, gold, and diamonds. These resources are essential for purchasing items, upgrades, and other in-game advantages. You can obtain Resources from generators located on your team's island and at the center of the map.
  4. Upgrades and items: Using the resources collected, players can purchase various items and upgrades from the in-game shop. These items include weapons, armor, blocks, tools, and potions, which can significantly enhance your team's performance on the battlefield.
  5. Teamwork and communication: Coordination and communication are vital in Roblox Bedwars. Teams that effectively strategize and work together have a higher chance of achieving victory. Players should share resources, plan offensive and defensive strategies, and support each other throughout the game.
  6. The last team standing: The ultimate objective in Roblox Bedwars is to eliminate all opposing teams by destroying their beds and subsequently defeating all the players on the opposing teams. The last team standing with at least one player alive wins the game.



Roblox Bedwars commands used for




Bedwars commands are used for various purposes that enhance and streamline the gameplay experience in Roblox Bedwars. These commands allow players to interact with different aspects of the game and improve their overall performance on the battlefield. Some of the primary uses of Bedwars commands include:


  • Communication and coordination: Commands help players communicate more effectively with their teammates, allowing for better coordination and strategizing. This improved communication is essential for planning offensive and defensive tactics during the game.
  • Managing resources and in-game shop: You can use these commands to interact with the in-game shop, purchasing items, weapons, armor, and other upgrades using the resources collected during the game. These upgrades help players strengthen their team's position and gain an advantage over opponents.
  • Customizing gameplay: Some commands allow players to customize specific aspects of the game, such as game modes, maps, and settings. This customization enables players to create a more personalized gaming experience tailored to their preferences and skill levels.
  • Admin commands: For game creators and administrators, some Roblox commands grant control over various game settings and aspects, such as player management, game rules, and map modifications. These admin commands help maintain a fair and balanced gaming environment for all players.





List of All Roblox Bedwars Commands


Command Syntax


/sethealthgreen Player RegenAmount

Changes a player's self-regen healing rate.

/setDeathmatchTime XX

Sets the time until the deathmatch countdown begins.

/tp UserName

Teleports the player to another player.

/togglespawn Name true/false

Toggles the spawning of the specified item.

/cohost all

Grants all player's co-host permissions and access to the host panel.

/enchant EnchantmentName_Level

Applies the specified enchantment with the chosen level.

/setGeneratorMultiplier XX

Sets the multiplier spawn rate for resource generators.

/kick UserName

Kicks the specified player from the match.

/blacklistitem ItemName

Restricts specified items from being used in the custom match.

/spawn ItemName Amount

Spawns the specified amount of the chosen item.


Forces an airdrop of 1-10 Lucky Blocks in a random area on the map.

/announce Message

Sends a notification message to all in-game players.

/disablekit KitName

Disables the specified kit from being used in the custom match.

/disaster DisasterName

Spawns the specified disaster in the game.

/give @PlayerName ItemName Amount

Gives the selected player the specified amount of the selected item.

/tp all

Teleports all players to a point on the map.

/tpbed Color_bed

Teleports the player to a team bed of the specified color.

/sethealth UserName Amount

Sets the specified player's health to the chosen amount.

/setspawnrate GeneratorName XX

Sets the spawn rate for the specified generator.

/settime XX

Sets the game time to the specified value.


Remember to use the proper capitalization and syntax exactly as it's listed above to ensure the commands work as intended.



Enchantment Spawn Commands list for Roblox Bedwars


Here is the list of Enchantment Spawn Commands for Roblox Bedwars, along with their effects:




/enchant rapid_regen_1

Grants Rapid Regen Tier 1 (faster health regeneration)

/enchant fire_3

Grants Fire Tier 3 (even more fire damage)

/enchant shield_gen_1

Grants Shield Gen Tier 1 (generates a shield)

/enchant anti_knockback_2

Grants Anti Knockback Tier 2 (reduces knockback)

/enchant static_1

Grants Static Tier 1 (chance to deal shock damage)

/enchant clingy_2

Grants Clingy Tier 2 (slows enemies when hit)

/enchant void_3

Grants Void Tier 3 (increased knockback)

/enchant plunder_2

Grants Plunder Tier 2 (chance of extra loot from kills)

/enchant updraft_2

Grants Updraft Tier 2 (increased jump height)

/enchant shield_gen_3

Grants Shield Gen Tier 3 (even stronger shield)

/enchant rapid_regen_3

Grants Rapid Regen Tier 3 (fastest health regeneration)

/enchant execute_3

Grants Execute Tier 3 (increased damage on low-health enemies)

/enchant critical_strike_1

Grants Critical Strike Tier 1

/enchant life_steal_2

Grants Life Steal Tier 2

/enchant critical_strike_3

Grants Critical Strike Tier 3

/enchant rapid_regen_2

Grants Rapid Regen Tier 2 (even faster health regeneration)

/enchant fire_1

Grants Fire Tier 1 (sets enemies on fire)

/enchant static_2

Grants Static Tier 2 (increased shock damage)

/enchant fire_2

Grants Fire Tier 2 (increased fire damage)

/enchant shield_gen_2

Grants Shield Gen Tier 2 (stronger shield)






How to Use Roblox Bedwars Commands


To use Bedwars commands in a Roblox Bedwars game, you will need to follow these steps:


  1. Access the in-game chat: Commands in Roblox Bedwars are executed through the in-game chat system. To access the chat, locate the chatbox in the game's user interface, usually positioned in the top-left or bottom-left corner of the screen.
  2. Type the command: Once you have the chatbox open, type the desired command, replacing the necessary variables with the appropriate values. For example, if you want to use the "/tp UserName" command to teleport to another player, replace "UserName" with the actual username of the player you want to teleport to. Make sure to use the correct capitalization and syntax, as shown in the command list.
  3. Press Enter: After typing the command, press the Enter key to execute it. If the command is entered correctly and you have the appropriate permissions (if needed), the command's effect will take place immediately.


Please note that some commands may be restricted to game hosts, administrators, or players with specific permissions. If you attempt to use a command and it does not work, you may not have the necessary permissions to execute it.


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