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How to Send Robux to Friends on Roblox – 3 Easy Ways

How to Send Robux to Friends on Roblox – 3 Easy Ways
Written by: iamharoongill

Roblox, a leading online gaming platform, has captivated millions globally, offering a unique space where users can not only play games created by other enthusiasts but also design their own virtual realms. Central to this universe is Robux, the in-game digital currency that functions as the heartbeat of the Roblox economy.


Robux serves a multifaceted role: from enhancing avatars with trendy outfits to unlocking special game features, it's an essential asset for every Roblox player. While players can accumulate Robux through various means, including purchasing it with real money, the platform surprisingly lacks a straightforward method to send or transfer Robux directly to friends. This absence prompts many to seek alternative pathways, as explored in this guide, to gift Robux to fellow players.




3 Ways to Send Robux to Friends on Roblox



Method 1: Give Robux Via Donations


Gifting Robux, while indirect, can be both fun and creative. One widely embraced method revolves around the unique Roblox feature that lets users create and sell clothing items. By leveraging this feature, players have devised a clever workaround to "donate" Robux: by purchasing specially designed clothing items.



Steps to Implement the Donation Method:


  • Friend's Initiative: The journey begins with the friend, the recipient of the Robux. They must craft a unique clothing item, such as a T-shirt, specifically for the purpose of this donation. This piece of clothing, often termed the "donation clothing item," essentially acts as a token, signifying the amount of Robux to be transferred.
  • Joining the Builder’s Club: To unlock the ability to create and sell clothing items, the friend must be a member of the Builder’s Club. This club, accessible via a Premium Membership priced at $4.99 monthly, offers a suite of features to Roblox enthusiasts. Importantly for our purpose, it empowers them to curate and sell custom clothing. However, it's noteworthy that while the selling privilege is exclusive to club members, any Roblox player, irrespective of membership, can buy these items.
  • Catalog Upload & Pricing: Once the donation clothing item is ready, it's time for your friend to set a price. This price essentially reflects the amount of Robux they wish to receive. After determining the price, they must upload the clothing item to the Roblox catalog, ensuring it's available for purchase. It's essential that they communicate the exact name or details of this item to you, the donor, to facilitate the next step.


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  • The Donation Purchase: With the item now live on the catalog, it's your turn to play your part. Log into your Roblox account, navigate to the Avatar Shop, and search for the specific donation clothing item shared by your friend. Upon locating the item, proceed to purchase it using Robux. It's important to note that a 30% market tax is applied by Roblox on each transaction, meaning the friend receives the remaining 70% of the item's listed price as their Robux donation.



Method 2: Create a Game Pass


In the vast expanse of Roblox, Game Passes represent a significant element. These are special items that players can purchase to receive specific benefits or features in games. They act as exclusive "tickets," granting holders unique perks or experiences. Tapping into this framework, players have unearthed another inventive method to transfer Robux, especially beneficial if the friend doesn’t have a premium account.






Steps to Facilitate Robux Transfer via Game Pass:


  1. Initiation via Recipient’s Account: The process commences with the intended Robux recipient. Using their account, they need to embark on the creation of a Game Pass. This pass, in essence, will symbolize the Robux they hope to garner.
  2. Game Creation or Selection: To anchor a Game Pass, there needs to be a game. If your friend, the recipient, already has a game developed, they can simply opt for that. Otherwise, they would need to channel their creativity to spawn a new game, even if it's rudimentary.
  3. Crafting the Game Pass: Once the game is set, it's Game Pass creation time. Here, the friend will select an image that will represent this pass. This image, coupled with a distinctive name, will serve as the identity of the Game Pass. While an accompanying description isn’t mandatory, it can add clarity or allure to potential buyers.
  4. Mindful Pricing Amidst Market Tax: As with clothing items, Roblox enforces a 30% market tax on Game Pass sales. Therefore, when your friend sets a price for the Game Pass, they must account for this deduction. For instance, if they desire 100 Robux, they should price the pass at approximately 143 Robux to offset the tax.
  5. Sharing, Selling, and the Patience Game: With the Game Pass ready and priced, the next move is promotion. Your friend will share the Game Pass link with you. Upon your purchase, the Robux will flow into your account. However, patience is crucial. Roblox doesn’t instantaneously transfer the Robux. There's a waiting period, sometimes up to 3 days before the sale is processed and the Robux credited.


By manipulating the Game Pass mechanism, players can seamlessly ensure Robux finds its way to desired accounts, all while engaging in the very essence of what makes Roblox captivating: creation and collaboration.



Method 3: Make a Group (PC and Mobile)


The communal nature of Roblox isn’t confined to game experiences alone; its "Groups" feature fosters collaboration and shared goals among users. Tapping into this communal essence, players have devised a method to transfer Robux via group funds. This approach has the unique advantage of being feasible on both PC and mobile platforms.





Steps to Bestow Robux Through Group Funds:


  1. Establishing a Roblox Group: The first step is foundational: creating a group on Roblox. This involves clicking on the menu icon and proceeding to form a new group. It's essential to note that Roblox charges a fee of 100 Robux for this creation, which acts as an investment to facilitate the subsequent transfer process.
  2. Group Assembly – Inviting Friends: With the group's foundation laid, the next objective is to populate it. Invite your friend(s) – the prospective Robux recipients – to join the newly formed group. Their membership is crucial for the subsequent fund distribution.
  3. Infusing Group with Funds via a Game Pass: To amass Robux in the group’s treasury, you’ll resort to a technique reminiscent of the Game Pass method. In this context, a Game Pass is crafted specifically for the group, and its sales channel Robux directly into the group funds.
  4. Game Creation & Group Game Pass Setup: For this Game Pass, either select an existing game or create a new one within the group. Then, under the Group Creations tab, embark on creating the Game Pass, complete with its distinctive image, name, and optional description.
  5. Pricing, Selling, and Channeling Robux: As before, price the Game Pass judiciously, accounting for Roblox's 30% market tax. When other players or you purchase this pass, the Robux earned funnels directly into the group's coffer.
  6. Group Fund Distribution – The Final Leg: With the group funds now bolstered with Robux, it's time for the grand finale: distribution. Navigate to the group's settings, specifically under Revenue >> Payouts >> One-time Payouts. Here, designate your friend(s) as the payout recipients, specify the Robux amount, and initiate the transfer. Unlike the Game Pass method, the Robux is transferred immediately, with no waiting period.


Embracing Roblox's group dynamics, this method offers a streamlined way to share Robux across members. It beautifully marries the spirit of community with the joys of giving.





Navigating the vibrant universe of Roblox, we've delved into three distinct yet effective ways to share the joy of Robux with friends. From harnessing the creative potential of fashion with donations and offering unique gaming experiences through Game Passes to rallying the community spirit in Roblox groups, each method presents its charm. For those who prefer a straightforward gesture, Robux gift cards stand as a hassle-free alternative.


As Roblox continues to grow and evolve, so do the ways we connect and give within its world. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, these methods are a testament to the game's adaptability and the players' ingenuity. We'd love to hear your stories – which avenue have you taken to spread the Roblox wealth? Sharing and learning together, after all, is what the Roblox community thrives on.

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