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Best Chamber Teleport Spots On Sunset

Best Chamber Teleport Spots On Sunset
Written by: Weeii

As any seasoned Valorant player will attest, the tactical depth and versatility offered by the game's various agents can dramatically shift the tide of any match. Among these agents, Chamber, with his unique teleport ability, has emerged as a favorite for many. His dynamic playstyle, combined with the right lineups, can effectively dominate the game's strategic landscape. But, the million-credit question is - what are the best Chamber Teleport Spots on Sunset to maximize your success rate?


In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the most effective and game-changing Chamber TP Spots that the professional scene has seen in 2023. From the utility-centric to those designed purely for executes, these plays promise to give you the edge, whether you're grinding the ladder or duking it out in high-stakes tournaments.


We will dissect each lineup in terms of its positioning, utility, timing, and its compatibility with other agents' abilities. Additionally, we will provide you with pro tips on how to best utilize Chamber’s utility kit and the agent in varying in-game situations and map locations, so you can outmaneuver your opponents every step of the way.


Chamber Best Teleport Spots


Chamber’s Teleport has been nerfed before which made his legendary position along the agent pick rates drop dramatically, however, he is not unplayable yet. Chamber, within the right hands, can shine and cause trouble to any opponent trying to steal your elo. To become that fearful player, you need to learn where are the most effective teleport spots, whether it be to defend, attack, or get a pick for your team. Here you will find our best collection: 



A Link - Aggressive Peek


What Does It Cover: This teleport on A site will help you lurk and get picks for your team’s advantage. Placed towards A link, you can go anywhere in bottom mid and peeking into market or top mid safely.


When To Use It: Best used when your team is playing “default” where you get to scout mid for potential picks in order to gain player advantage and therefore win the round.


What Makes It Special: This teleport helps you take extremely risky fights while remaining the ability to exit to safety at any time.

To do it, simply place your teleport anywhere against this wall and get going to do your plays.



Defense - Mid


What Does It Cover: This teleport on top mid helps you get down to push bottom mid, even closer to market which can be done quickly and could give you an insane timing over any enemy crossing over to mid next time.


When To Use It: Best used when you want to fulfill your role to get first picks as Chamber, This allows you to instantly change the pace of your playstyle at any given time.


What Makes It Special: Especially because this teleport helps you take mid control which is essential on Sunset, you have no reason to not use it. 


Simply place your teleport right here and get going. You can just peek, go push deep down, or do whatever suits your gameplan best. 



Attack - Mid


What Does It Cover: On the opposite side, you have this teleport that will help you PUSH mid instead. It helps you go all the way out of Mid choke point and walk up close to market. 


When To Use It: Best used when you want to push out mid whether it is to take control or lurk up and find your timing to earn picks.


What Makes It Special: Best part about this teleport is how safe it is to push out into middle and still remain the ability to teleport back at any time.

Simply wait for the borders to go down and place your teleport at this spot then peek out and make your plays. 



B Site


What Does It Cover: This teleport on B site will help you explode into site as it covers a large portion of it.


When To Use It: Best used when you are executing B site in order to plant the spike and play out your post plant positions and delay retakers as much as possible.


What Makes It Special: It gets the job perfectly done, no reason to leave this TP out when playing B site.

Simply place your teleport against the right or the left wall and then explode into site anytime you want. 

Pro Tips


  • Chamber’s TP has a dynamic restriction to it. Unlike other “Get Out Of Jail” cards by other agents (Such as Jett dash, Reyna dismiss, etc) his teleport has a certain range and you will teleport back to where you initially placed it. So always make sure you plan your play according to this dynamic.

  • You as a Sentinel could be the anchor or the site holder, while Chamber’s ability to hold sites is weaker than other agents in the category you can reply on abusing the Operator as it suits his gamestyle the most.

  • Don’t feel shy to ask your teammates for any piece of utility such as reveals, astra pulls, or deadlock’s lock as it helps you guarantee kills or at least, place pressure and gain information through the round.

  • You can always place your trap according to your positioning and game plan, For example, if you are to take a peek at A main and go back to site make sure there is a trip close to you so that if enemies try to hard-push you they will be slowed down giving you space to escape.

  • Make sure to place your Teleport in spots where enemies cannot see it or break it, as if your ability gets broken you will not be able to use it again throughout the round. On the opposite side, if you recall it, you will be able to use it after a cooldown without any issues.

  • When you activate your ultimate, enemies can see that through the highlighting color of you on top of the screen, in addition to the agent voice line at the start of the round so always try to make up creative plays to not get countered by opponents.

  • Always pay attention to your Teleport’s radius as you might zone out and progress out of it and find yourself hearing the voice line “I’m too far away” moments before you get headshotted. 


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