Best Phoenix Molly Lineups For Breeze

Best Phoenix Molly Lineups For Breeze
Written by: Weeii

As any seasoned Valorant player will attest, the tactical depth and versatility offered by the game's various agents can dramatically shift the tide of any match. Among these agents, Phoenix, with his unique molly ability, has emerged as a favorite for many. His dynamic playstyle, combined with the right lineups, can effectively dominate the game's strategic landscape. But, the million-credit question is - what are the best Phoenix Molly lineups on Breeze to maximize your success rate?


In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the most effective and game-changing Phoenix Molly lineups that the professional scene has seen in 2023. From the utility-centric to those designed purely for executes, these lineups promise to give you the edge, whether you're grinding the ladder or duking it out in high-stakes tournaments.


We will dissect each lineup in terms of its positioning, utility, timing, and its compatibility with other agents' abilities. Additionally, we will provide you with pro tips on how to best utilize Phoenix’s utility kit and the agent in varying in-game situations and map locations, so you can outmaneuver your opponents every step of the way.


Phoenix Molly Lineups 


Phoenix’s is not the highest dealing damage Molly in the game. However, what makes it unique is how fast and versatile that piece of utility is, allowing you to combine your kit a lot more fluidly to achieve more in-game. With the usage of Phoenix molly lineups that the pro scene has witnessed, you will be able to play Phoenix like a professional and show your opponents who’s boss. Here it comes, the list of best lineups you can use in your next match: 



A Site - Bricks


What Does It Cover: This molly on A site will land directly on bricks, burning anyone standing there to their grounds. It is a very commonly played position by attackers on a post plant scenario.


When To Use It: During retake scenarios, this is the best molly to use on A site. As if you throw it elsewhere, you will leave room for enemies to escape. But with this lineup, you will ensure to hit them directly.


What Makes It Special: This is a very safe and quick lineup to perform, making it an easy way to get kills. 


To do this lineup you have to stand a few steps away from yellow, then aim your molly and run + jump throw it. It will hit bricks if done correctly.



A Site - Cubby


What Does It Cover: This molly on A site will land on the cubby right next to the right pyramid. It will instantly damage anyone standing in that area.


When To Use It: Best used in attacking scenarios as this is a quick boost to your firepower bursting into the site, it will help you open the site much more freely as the pressure of that angle is off your shoulders. 


What Makes It Special: It’s a quick and easy lineup making it efficient for quick decision making situation where it’s important to prioritize speed and retain accuracy within your plays.


Simply aim your molly at this spot and throw it straight to the cubby. Your crosshair placement will likely not matter as this is not a pixel perfect lineup.



Mid - Double Doors


What Does It Cover: This molly will help you execute mid as it immediately deals damage to anyone standing on the peek of double door, a common spot for defenders to aggress from. 


When To Use It: Best used in attacking scenarios as this spot will likely be used by defenders to initiate aggressive plays on you and take map control.


What Makes It Special: This is a quick and efficient lineup and it will help you get closer and potentially use your flash to continue your play and catch enemies off guard.


All you have to do is stand by the barrier and aim your crosshair around the spot just as in the picture, as soon as it drops run and throw your molly. 



B Site - Backsite


What Does It Cover: This molly on B site will help you narrow the options of where defenders might be hiding, specifically landing towards backsite. 


When To Use It: Best used in attacking scenarios as this molly will help you take some weight off your shoulders when clearing angles.


What Makes It Special: The best part about this molly is how easy it is to find enemies falling to death because of it, combined with a flash they might not even realize they’re burning.


To do it aim your crosshair around this spot and then run and throw your molly. 

Pro Tips


  • Phoenix’s Molly is versatile, it travels quickly but drops down after a certain amount of time limiting its travel distance. Unlike other mollies, you will need to know where and how your molly stops in order to use it most efficiently.

  • When playing Phoenix, you should always combine your mollies with other utilities that you have in your kit as flashing after can grant you easy free kills, this is how the agent is meant to be used.

  • Don’t feel shy to ask your teammates for any piece of utility such as reveals, astra pulls, or deadlock’s lock as it helps you guarantee kills or at least, deal devastating damage that will help you through the round.

  • You can always use your molly or wall to heal if you received any sort of damage through the round, it is not a must to use your utility in a certain place or spot as it is entirely up to you.

  • Keep in mind that Phoenix’s molly deals damage slower than other similar abilities in the game which gives room to work with for opponents, as long as you understand the timing of your ability you will still be able to shine through and earn kills easily.

  • The molly is your main ability, meaning that every time you get 2 kills you will be able to use it again allowing you to combine heals, lineups, and multiple different usages as long as you keep fragging.

  • Your molly’s damage will not transfer through walls, if it is placed on top of A Heaven it will not hurt anyone on Under, unlike some other abilities in the game. So it’s important to keep that in mind.


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