How To Fix "Queue is disabled" error in VALORANT

How To Fix "Queue is disabled" error in VALORANT
Written by: ar1essss

Unfortunately, there are a lot of errors in VALORANT right now. Some of them have already been fixed, but there are still bugs that interfere with millions of players. Recently, the new VALORANT error code was discovered in the game. If you still don't find a solution to fix the "queue is disabled" error in VALORANT, let's check our guide on how to fix it.



"Queue is disabled" error in VALORANT


One of the latest exploit, which came to the game, is the "queue is disabled" error. Of course, many players encounter it because it is related to all game modes. Instead of "in queue", players see "queue is disabled". The error usually appears a few seconds after queueing up for a match. Although this error sounds extremely serious, its solution is straightforward.




How To Fix "Queue is disabled" error in VALORANT


The instruction on how to fix this error is so simple. Just follow the next steps:


  • Exit VALORANT.
  • Restart the client.
  • When you open the game again, the error should be fixed.
  • Sometimes after the match, the error can appear again. You should just repeat the exact instructions.


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