Is Valorant Dying? Player Count & More

Is Valorant Dying? Player Count & More
Written by: Weeii

Valorant has become one of the mainstream games for the tactical first-person shooter category. With that, you would expect to see an overwhelming amount of players on a daily basis in addition to stable growth, as it has been pretty successful within the last few years since its launch. 


But now, Counter-Strike 2 entered the scene and many popular streamers and professionals grasped into playing it, whether they are just trying it or fully transitioning to the game. This sparks the question, is Valorant dead? Let’s figure out: 


Valorant Player Count


Numbers don’t lie, so let’s show some statistics that the game accumulated over the past few years. According to, the game’s population is sitting at a total of 8.234M players. With an average of 900,000 players on a daily basis.

Overall, despite the launch of CS2 the game is still on a 7.1% gain in terms of player population which indicates that Valorant is still going strong. While it may be early to tell that, it is clear that both games have their respective audience within the category and it’s very possible for both to find room together. 

What Made Valorant So Popular?


Valorant started as “Project A” from Riot Games, which later on got a lot of attention as streamers hopped on to try the closed beta. Streamers and former CS pros like TenZ, who is known to be “the face” of the game at the moment. 




Fast forward to today, the game’s reach is far beyond expected as even popular personas like Elon Musk was seen during the very last Valorant Champions 2023


So in summary, it is safe to say that Valorant will not be dying anytime soon, instead, we might see it become even more popular as the Esports scene continues to grow progressively.

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