What is Valorant PBE and how to Sign Up for it?

What is Valorant PBE and how to Sign Up for it?
Written by: carrico14

If you play Valorant, you may have come across a term called PBE. This is a term prevalent in the gaming community. So, what does PBE stand for? And what does it mean for the player?

Well, you don't have to worry anymore. In this guide, we will explain what is PBE, how to get access to with, and the main differences between PBE and the normal Valorant client.



What Is PBE?


PBE is an abbreviation for Public Beta Environment. It is a ‘test-centric’ server that first lets gaming companies implement upcoming features in their games. It’s more of a test platform that allows developers to keep tabs on the next patches of their games.


PBE is popular in games like Valorant and League of Legends. Players get a chance to test upcoming content before it’s released. As the name suggests, this testing platform is designed for the public. However, not everyone can get a PBE account.




The content players test in the PBE is just part of a series of tests. It’s not final. Riot will use the player's feedback to fix any mistakes or balance the game before it's released in the normal client.


As mentioned above PBE offers the perfect environment for players to suggest new workable ideas. Game developers can use these ideas to improve the new patches before implementing them.


Your account must not have any bans or restrictions. That’s why we mentioned that not everyone will be able to join PBE.



Step By Step Guide On How to Sign Up for the PBE Account


If you are desperate to try out some new features before they are released, go ahead and create a PBE account. Here are the steps to follow:

⦁    Step 1: Read the requirement. Your live Valorant account should have no current bans or restrictions. You must be in North America and a consistent player from there.

⦁    Step 2: Check Eligibility. Go to the PBE Signup page and click on Log In to get into your Valorant account. Then click on ‘Check My Eligibility.’

⦁    Step 3: Download the PBE client here and click on ‘Sign-up. Navigate the PBE signup page from the official site and click to signup if you meet the requirement.

⦁    Step 4: Wait for a confirmation email for your application. You will then be considered for recruitment where if you meet the requirements. Note that this does not guarantee you will be recruited.



What Are The Terms And Conditions of PBE?


There are many benefits to having a PBE account. And they all come down to the terms and conditions.


For starters, a player in PBE can earn more points in their daily matchmade games. They can then use these points to buy weapons and other features of the game before the new content is added. 


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You can only make a PBE account by linking the existing game account that you use on the normal servers. 


As long as you meet the requirements we talked about above you can be part of the PBE program. You win 3000 RP points free per day for playing a game. This makes it easier to grow your accounts and gives you a chance to experiment with new skins that otherwise you would not be able to.



Differences Between PBE and Normal Client


Both the PBE and normal client offer an amazing gaming experience. However, several factors make them different.


Here are the main differences between the two.



Earn 3000 RP points


Playing games like Valorant and League of Legends is already great. It is even better when you can win rewards. 


In PBE, you can win 3000 RP for free, and who wouldn't want that?





With a PBE account, players get to experiment with new agents, new skins, and game modes sooner. These privileges are not on the normal liver server.


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This allows players to get more comfortable with upcoming agents and patch changes that will then hit the live server. 



Untested vs. common features


Not every player enjoys PBE. As much as it has a lot to offer, it lacks that competitive aspect that a lot of players expect.

Also, the matchmaking on PBE is not the best. It will probably match you with higher-rank players or muck lower ones. 

The PBE platform is for testing. On the other hand, the normal client-server is for features that are already working perfectly. Nevertheless, you can experience some very interesting content in PBE.



Draft Pick vs. ban phase


One of the main differences in the PBE account, is that you don’t have to go through the ban phase when it comes to League of Legends.


This makes the games faster on the PBE server compared to the live client.





While in your regular account, you face the ranked game queue and must play a number of games in order to climb ranks.




PBE has eliminated the ranked queue and its ladder. And that is another huge difference between the two clients.



Perks of Having a PBE Account


Many players get trapped choosing between a PBE and a normal account. Whereas both accounts have proven useful, they come with different features.


 Here are the benefits of a PBE account:

⦁    Access to the latest champions, skins, and other content before it’s released. The features in the new releases may be a bit different from the PBE testing account, but it allows players to get first-hand information on what to expect.

⦁    Draft Pick forgoes the ban phase. If you don’t want to struggle with the ban phase, consider this PBE account. It promises a great environment for faster development.

⦁    No ranked game queue. The ranked game queues on Valorant can be tiring. You won’t be facing such in the PBE mode.

⦁    Get more points. Winning 3000 RP every day on games is not easy. And yet you have it all here with the PBE account.

⦁    It is public. As a public account, anyone can become part of the PBE program. However, it’s not automatic. And perhaps that is the biggest downside.



Drawbacks of PBE


Like any other program, PBE servers come with some drawbacks too. Here are some:

⦁    PBE servers are not located everywhere. They are mainly in Chicago. Playing from any other region means dealing with high ping.

⦁    Not everyone can get in. Only a few people are selected to have a PBE account.





Meeting the requirements for PBE does not guarantee recruitment. Also, you will not have a PBE-only account. Your current Valorant account will be used.

This is a great opportunity to test some new features. It’s, therefore, something worth trying.

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