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Best Brimstone Ultimate Spots On Lotus

Best Brimstone Ultimate Spots On Lotus
Written by: Weeii

Ready to amp up your game with some killer Brimstone plays? You’re in the right place. Brimstone, our trusty battlefield commander, has an ultimate that can really shake things up. We're talking about his Orbital Strike – that beast of an ability that can clear out enemies in a flash. But, as you know, it's all about where and when you use it.


In this guide, we're diving into the coolest spots to drop Brimstone's ultimate on the map Lotus. Whether you're defending a spike site or cutting off enemy paths, knowing these spots can totally change the game for you and your team. Let’s get you up to speed with some game-winning tips and spots that'll make your opponents think twice before taking you on!


Brimstone Ultimate Spots


Brim’s ultimate is deemed to be one of the most useful abilities in the game, especially as it helps your team get cleaner executes, stronger postplants, and better control overall. Not only are we going to give you the best spots to launch your ultimate on, but we will give you clear instructions as to how you should use it and when. Let’s get right into it: 



A Site Default

What Does It Cover: This ultimate will directly hit anyone playing on A default, that is the spike planting position.

When To Use It: Best used to get enemies off defusing the spike as this will make sure enemies have to get as far away as possible or else they will be grilled in your ultimate.


What Makes It Special: Best part about it is how easy it is to kick enemies off the position, making it a lot easier for you to regain space for retakes.



A Agro

What Does It Cover: Alternatively on A site, this is a great way to launch up an attack on A main. It is one of the most commonly used ultimates.

When To Use It: Best used during aggressive defensive scenarios, most often you’d want to take deep A control and this ultimate will instantly help you do that.


What Makes It Special: The best part about it is the ability to combo utility such as breach stun and ensure you get free frags.



B Upper

What Does It Cover: Over to B site, this ultimate will hit anyone playing on upper site as this will inevitably crush them. It also covers a certain spot under site.

When To Use It: Best used during hard site executes as this allows you to just clear one concerning spot for defenders right off the bat.


What Makes It Special: This ultimate is special because it is always guaranteed to kill enemies or deal a decent amount of damage.



C Default



What Does It Cover: Lastly on C site, this ultimate will hit anyone playing on the default planting spot and waters, on bend.

When To Use It: Best used during retake scenarios or when you’re playing defensive and want to delay the enemy’s spike plant to help your team rotate.


What Makes It Special: Paired with a breach stun on that area, you’re guaranteed to score at least 2 kills. 

Pro Tips


  • If you’re playing Brimstone, make sure you are safe when you are activating it. Enemies can catch you off guard and you don’t want to be killed while holding up your iPad.

  • It’s important to remember, your ultimate will not immediately kill everyone as it deals damage progressively. This means, there are possible scenarios where enemies can survive through your ultimate for a few seconds.

  • Make sure to delay the usage of your ultimate as much as possible to ensure enemies stay within their field for a longer period of time. For example, if you’re ulting to deny a plant, don’t do it instantly, rather wait 1-2 seconds and then do it, this makes it harder for them to dodge it.

  • Another cool and unexpected trick you could do with your ultimate is walking through it to take an unexpected position. Your ability will deal a lot less damage to you and your teammates, and you can use that to surprise enemies and make a crazy play.

  • As it is with your smokes, you have a limited range where you can use your ultimate from. So keep in mind if you want to use it somewhere, you have to be present and not anchoring the opposite site.

  • As a brim, it is very important that you take ultimate orbs when you can to speed up the process of getting your ultimate. As little as it seems, it can be the difference between you winning multiple rounds for your team or just having to get your ultimate once and that’s it.

  • While it’s important to find the right timing for your utility, don’t hesitate to use your ultimate in creative ways even if it might not be the most perfect. You will not get your ult as fast as if you’d use it whenever you have it, so don’t save it for too long.

  • Take extra caution when using your ultimate, you don’t want to leave a small corner where enemies hide and catch you and your team off guard. If you do manage to do that, be aware of it and call it for your teammates.

  • Ulting to execute or play post-plant is very common, however, don’t forget to get creative, you can use it to confirm a kill on a Sage or KAYO resurrect, and it can only expand from there.

  • Just because your ultimate didn’t kill anyone doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good ult, sometimes you deal a lot of damage that can be useful and the reason for you to win a round.


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