NA vs EU Champions Duelist Comparisons

NA vs EU Champions Duelist Comparisons
Written by: BigTime

Champions is closer than ever and the hype couldn't be bigger. There are some very interesting storylines that go with this, but none are bigger than NA vs EU. It's a bitter rivalry where both sides claim that they are superior.


To help break this down a little more, I've taken a look at the duelists from both sides. They're almost all the focal point of their team and are certainly star players. Most fans have their hopes on these guys to help their region prevail. 


Let's get started




This shows us how much of the teams total first blood's this player gets. With 5 players a team, an even distribution would give them 20%. Of course, these numbers are much higher. The duelist is expected to be having more first blood's than anyone else and we easily see that to be true. One thing that stands out here is how all the NA players have a larger percentage share of the first blood's on attack than on defence. It is hard to pin down exactly why from these numbers alone, but I would say the faster attacking playstyle may have something to do with this.




Now we can look at the percent of first duels taken. This shows us how often as a percentage, they were involved in the first kill of the round, including both winning and losing the fight. This should show us how aggressive these players are on either side and we can see just how often they hunt out the initial engagement. We see how d3ffo, cNed and leaf all have a more aggressive playstyle as they come out ahead here.




Now we can see just how they do in these initial duels. As we would expect, most of the players do better at these engagements on the defender side. You have a natural advantage after all. The only exceptions to this are Tenz and Yay. D3ffo is the most interesting case here as he dominates on the defender side with an insane 81.67% but is the worst on the attacker half with just 37.65%.




All of these duelists play a lot of Jett (I know Jamppi plays it for Liquid also, but he has a lot of time on Astra and Sova so he didn't feel like the right fit). We can compare here just how often they like to use the Operator, which typically goes hand in hand with Jett. Here we clearly see this is an individual preference with no clear trends across the regions. We see Scream, Leaf and Tenz clearly prefer the rifling aspect and will pick up the OP in a limited capacity, D3ffo dramatically favours it on the defender side, and finally Yay and cNed use it the most consistently.




Average damage per round is one of the more simple stats but that doesn't mean it is less important. We see that this is relatively high, with all players except D3ffo averaging enough damage for one kill per round. We expect the damage to be high because they are the most enabled players by their team. Therefore, it also makes sense that D3ffo is the exception as he is often not the one to be put in the most favourable positions.




Finally, we can look at average multi-kills per round. While a duelist should entry and is often traded, the ability of a good duelist to be tenacious and get multiple kills to change a round, should not be overlooked. On average, we could expect a multi-kill every 4 or 5 rounds from these guys which is still impressive all things considered. Yay takes the crown for defence, while Scream is on top for the attack.


These players are no doubt some of the best in the world, and when put at the top of the food chain by playing duelist, people expect a lot. All of these players are uniquely brilliant and will put on a fantastic show for us at Champions. I can't wait to see these two powerful regions clash and we can see who comes out on top again this time

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