The Best Yoru Teleport Lineups For Haven

The Best Yoru Teleport Lineups For Haven
Written by: Weeii

This will be the only guide you need on the best tp spots for Yoru on the map Haven.

While Yoru has always been an underwhelming agent in the duelist role, many still believe that his abilities can open up room for creative and unstoppable plays.

Haven is one of the overwhelming maps that require smart strategic ways to approach on both defensive and attacking sides. Uniquely, Haven has 3 sites giving room for a duelist like Yoru to unleash the mastermind plays.


In this article, we will explore his abilities and highlight the best teleports for each key location on Yoru. Whether you're a veteran player or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the knowledge to control and dominate your opponents with Yoru effectively. Get ready to take your gameplay to the next level!

Teleport Lineups - Attacking Side


With 3 sites to choose from, Haven can be pretty attack sided. While that is true, it doesn’t mean that it will be quite easy all the time. As a Yoru, your teleports are basically the way you entry and open site on attack similar to a jett dash, you should always be looking to place your teleport on site in a way that can give you entries and control. Here are the best TP spots for Yoru: 

A Site:


It’s important to understand what each teleport play is for, so before we go into details about how exactly you can do this teleport let’s take a look at what it is for: 


In this set up you will teleport towards Grafetti on A site, after taking A main control you just need to make sure your TP (we will show you how) ends up on that corner shown and then throw a flash against heaven window and TP. 


It will put you on an advantage as you instantly clear the entire site. 


To do that TP just take A main control and stand in the corner shown, look around there on the wall and place your TP using a left click and wait for it to go to that corner. 

B Site:


In this particular set up you will maximize Yoru’s ability to deceive enemies. Usually, it takes a long to place a player to late lurk and get an advantageous position behind defenders which is normally not that easy to do, but with this, you will instantly flank enemies with Yoru. 


To do this Teleport, just stand in this corner and throw it exactly at that shown spot. Make sure you clear anyone peeking so you don’t get caught off guard.

This teleport will end up behind the enemies near A CT, so if you have already planted you will immediately end up in a flank position against the defenders. Don’t forget to flash through A link to distract them and cover the sound of the teleport. 

C Site:


This is the default set up of C site as a Yoru player. All you need to do is to place your tp to where it ends on back site, towards platform and flash as you activate it. Usually, this is pretty strong paired with a viper or harbor wall. 


It might be dangerous to peek like so, but if you jiggle it especially with many teammates around you at the start of the round it is relatively safe. Place your tp like so and flash as you activate and enjoy your free entries. 



In this second set up for C site, you will teleport into the default planting spot next to the boxes, this is usually best for clearing any sneaky shot gun players that play close to the entrance. 


For this set up all you need to do is stand on the left side of C lobby and throw a teleport looking at this spot. It will hit the wall on default and move towards the box which then you should throw your flash and activate the teleport on a timed manner with your teammates pushing. 


Best used against enemy Eco rounds to punish shotguns. 

Teleport Lineups - Defending Side


While duelists aren’t typically that impactful on the defensive side compared to controllers and sentinels, they still play a key part which is the aggression you use as a form of defense. Yoru can’t reliably Teleport away after kills, that’s why he shines most in creating plays that set up to unexpectedly flank the enemy which we will show you how you can do now: 



In this particular set up you will try to instantly flank mid pushes. Playing from B site and flashing through then teleporting to the corner of Grass catching anyone outside of Garage or in the mid area off guard. 


Make sure you use this set up in proper rounds, best used when you know enemies are pushing mid or if they are on an eco rush. 


Stand in this corner on B site and look at this bottom corner of the wooden lines and throw your TP. 


Your flash should be thrown against the huge wooden barriers of the entrance of B site. 

C Site:


Here’s a banger teleport for instantly repositioning or flanking any attacker towards C site. 


You will teleport on C cubby after flashing from backsite which will give you an opportunity to immediately catch attackers off guard, even if there was a player on cubby you might still surprise them as it’s an unexpected play. 


Here’s how you can do this teleport. Stand in platform and slightly peek to stay safe from attackers looking for early entries, spot this corner line and place your teleport with a left click then wait a bit as the tp makes its way into C cubby. 


Flash against the box on backsite and teleport then enjoy the instant mastermind play. 

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