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Everything You Need To Know About Average Combat Score In Valorant

Everything You Need To Know About Average Combat Score In Valorant
Written by: Shizza

Have you ever wondered why you weren’t the MVP in a game of Valorant despite giving it your all and having the most kills? This is where Average Combat Score comes into the scene! To put it simply, ACS is a rating given to you by Valorant based on your performance in the match.


The player with the highest ACS will become the MVP of the match, and it is calculated relative to other players in the lobby. Some factors considered during the calculation of your ACS include kills, Multi-kills, Damage, Assists, etc.



Damage and Assists play a huge part in Valorant, and even if you do not get too many kills, securing a lot of assists can help boost your ACS. Keep reading this article if you want to know how exactly the Average Combat Score is calculated!



How Is Average Combat Score Calculated In Valorant?




You can find your Average Combat Score once the match is over on the scoreboard under the section names Avg Combat Score. As mentioned above, ACS depends on Damage, Kills, Multi-kills, etc., so we will explain these terms and how they are taken into count.





The players get one point for dealing one point of damage to their opponent in a match in Valorant. It doesn't matter what form of weapon or utility you use to deal damage; it can be done via a knife, gun, or utility. Also, one more thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter whether you get the kill.



Once you take down an enemy with a total of 150 HP (including shield), you get 150 points for damage in that particular round. In addition, you will get extra points if you damage other enemies in the same round.


For instance, if you kill an enemy and shoot another opponent with the Vandal, then in that round, you are getting a total of 150+40 = 190 combat points under damage.



Kills And Multi-Kills


Counting your kills is a fairly simple thing to do, but the combat score will vary from time to time. If you kill someone while all of their team members are alive, you will receive a higher score than if you kill someone while one or two members are still alive.


You will earn 150 combat scores once you kill an enemy while all of their team members are alive, 130 when four are alive, 110 when three are alive, 90 when there are only two remaining enemies, and 70 if there is only one team member left.


In conclusion, the more enemies that are alive while you kill, the more points you will earn. With that said, you will earn extra points if you kill multiple enemies in the same round. For each extra kill in that round, you will earn extra 50 points.



So, for instance, if you got the first two kills of the round, the combat score you will get is 150 for the first kill, 130 for the second kill, and 50 for the extra kill in that round. The overall combat score you will get in that round will be 150+130+50 = 330. So, you are getting a decent amount of score just by killing!



Non-Damaging Assists


Another important thing to consider when counting your Average Combat Score is Non-Damaging Assists. You will get these assists by using your abilities to help your teammates get the kill.


You can get assists by using abilities such as Sova's Dart, Sage's heal, Skye's heal, Brimstone's Stim Beacon, or any of the Agent's flashes. Each of these non-damaging assists counts for 25 combat points. Once you use your utilities properly and assist your team in kills to win the round, it will benefit both you and your team.



Computing Round Score


To compute the round score of a round, you must add up all the combat scores of each stat. You can gain access to them through your match history’s Timeline section.



So, for example, if you have done great in a round dealing a total of 510 damage, then let’s compute your combat score in that round:


  • Your combat score after getting all the kills: 150 + 130 + 110 + 90 + 70 = 550
  • For multi-kills: 50 x 4 = 200
  • Total Damage done: 510HP = 510


Your total combat score for that round will be 550 + 200 + 510 = 1260. It is to be noted that Spike plants and defuses are not taken into consideration for counting combat points.



Average Combat Score




It is basic maths when it comes to Average Combat Score, and by the name of it, we can tell that to find it, we need to sum all the combat scores from every round and divide it by the total number of rounds that were played.


For example, if your total combat score is 8230 and the total number of rounds that you played is 21. Then your Average Combat Score will be 8230 divided by 21, which would give you 391.9 as a result, so in Valorant, the rounded amount that will be shown is 392.


There are many players who think that their econ rating is also considered in ACS. However, that is not true at all and what the econ rating suggests is a completely different thing.



Does Average Combat Score Affect Rank In Valorant?




You might find yourself wondering if your Average Combat Score affects your rank in Valorant or not, and the answer to that is not. ACS does not affect your Rank or MMR in Valorant, as told by a Riot Employee.



ACS is just a stat that is used to give context to a match. Although having a good KDA (Kill - death/assist) might indicate an increase in your rank rating but winning a game of Valorant is a confirmed way to make MMR.



Tips To Gain Average Combat Score


You should not be much bothered about your Average Combat Score if you are playing in a ranked match to gain more MMR. However, if you are having fun with your friends and want some real competition, here are some tips:


  • Kill your opponents as much as possible, as each kill gives you an extra 150 points. Moreover, focus on getting more kills early in the game.


  • Choose an Agent like Raze for your match who deals massive damage that will boost your ACS.


  • Try to get as many multi-kills as you can. As duelists can get multiple kills back-to-back, this will help increase your Average Combat Score as each multi-kill rewards you with an extra 50 points.


  • Winning rounds in Valorant boosts your total ACS, so focusing on winning the match is the most important factor in gaining the most ACS.
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