How Many People Play VALORANT In December 2022

How Many People Play VALORANT In December 2022
Written by: Shizza

Since its release, Riot Games’ Valorant has brought in quite a crowd of players and quickly became the most popular game. The game features many of the same elements as the other FPS titles, such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike.



The game continues to soar to new heights, with the same momentum, but the question is exactly how many players play Valorant? To answer that question of yours, keep reading this article as we tell you about the active player count of the game in December 2022.



The Number Of People Who Play Valorant


player count


Throughout each month of 2021, Valorant has consistently kept a total of at least 12 million active players, as per Active Player. However, in 2022, the figures have only continued to rise with every single passing month.


Over 22 million players have climbed into at least one game of Valorant over the past 30 days, according to the available data. A daily average of over two million active players is reached. Despite being only an estimate, these numbers are extremely impressive for Valorant.


These numbers are way more than Overwatch’s average base player in 2021. However, only because it defeated a five-year old game in viewership does not mean it is top-notch. Currently, December has been Valorant’s best month of the year (December – 23.1 million players).


Moreover, Valorant gets a monthly gain of 873,698 players, which is pretty interesting to see. It is nice to see how well Valorant is doing, and hopefully, it will maintain its viewership and continue to increase in popularity.

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