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How to Get Your Valorant Recap for 2022

How to Get Your Valorant Recap for 2022
Written by: Mohsin

2023 is finally here! It is time to look back and see what you have achieved in 2022, what progress you have made, and how far you have come. Talking about gamers, a common question they ask themselves is, How much have I improved in a particular game? What feats have I achieved in the time I invested in a game? Answers to such questions help gamers improve their skills, work on their weaknesses and become better at a game. 



VALFlashback | Valorant Recap 2022


Valorant, the popular 5v5 first-person tactical shooter, is giving out personalized 2022 valorant recaps to its players. These recaps, called VALFlashbacks, contain multiple stats and achievements you have stacked throughout the year. This includes your playtime, the number of matches you have played, kills, damage dealt, and more. There are other personalized stats as well, which show your most-played agent, the map on which you have played the best, your overall KDA, your headshot percentage, etc. 


You can compare these numbers to with your friends and check who’s the best! Better stats automatically give you bragging rights, and who doesn’t want to brag to their friends? Also, it is a great way to reflect on the year and analyze your strengths and weaknesses through informative facts, such as individual KDAs for different agents and the agents who killed you the most. 


Furthermore, there is the “Personal Progress” section. Here, you can compare some current useful statistics to your stats for the previous year. These include your win percentage, KDA, and other interesting data, such as the number of clutches, aces, and first bloods. For those looking to analyze their progress, the Personal Progress section sure is a useful one. 



Get Your Valorant Flashback


This year, Riot provided Valorant Flashback recaps for 2022 to Valorant players through emails. What is your task here? Well, you need to allow Riot to send emails to your linked account. To sign up your Riot account to receive emails, you can follow the steps given below:


  • First up, proceed to and log in using the email to which your valorant account is linked.
  • From the Account Management menu on the left of the interface, select “Communication Preferences”.




  • Here, check the “Communication from Riot Games” box. 


Screenshot_2023 01 01_024631



Once you are done, you should receive your personalized Valorant flashback via an email from Riot. You may need to wait as the email will not be sent immediately. Also, Riot had instructed players to sign up before 26th December, but they are still sending out emails to players who have opted to receive them recently. 


So what are you waiting for? Sign up as soon as you can so you don’t miss out on your Valorant Flashback. Let your friends know by easily sharing the stats with them too! Happy new year and happy gaming!

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