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What is Valorant Strat Roulette?

What is Valorant Strat Roulette?
Written by: Weeii
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The New Way To Make Strategies


VALORANT is a very competitive shooter, while trying hard to win should be the main purpose of this game it’s still called a video “game” and so you should always be looking for ways to have fun. The Strat Roulette got you, it’ll add a nice twist that might refresh your mood when you’re on valorant next time. 


It is not necessary, but we recommend that you play in a 5 stack when you’re doing this, and in an UNRANKED mode, to actually loosen your grip and just try to have fun. Doing this with friends can maximize your communication and vibe too. 



What is The Strat Roulette?


VALORANT Strat Roulette is a website that offers you a little mini-game, randomly generate a valorant strategy and it’s your objective to try and accomplish it. Ever played a fun game with your friends where you draw random challenges to a box and take on to do it? Well, now you’ll do exactly this in VALORANT! 


As soon as you launch up the website, you’ll see that you can choose the exact map and side, which makes the challenges produced very precise and accurate.

For example, you won’t get a challenge for defenders when you’re on the attacking side. And you won’t get challenges that are map specific on a map you’re not playing.

As for now, the available maps are:

  • BIND

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What Are The Challenges?


We told you about doing fun and new challenges that can spice up your game using this third-party tool, but what are they? Here’s a list of SOME of the challenges & their explanation that you might get in the next time you try it: 


  • Silent but deadly: All your teammates have to set their game’s master volume at 0.
  • Shoutcasters: Every player who is alive should narrate every action that they make. The idea is to mimic a shoutcaster casting a pro game. Everyone alive must participate but should stop once they die.
  • Where are they coming from?: All your teammates should put on their headphones backward for the entire round.
  • Glass cannon: All teammates should buy the most expensive weapon they can afford but are not allowed to buy armor.
  • One at a time: Only one player can leave spawn at a time, the rest of the team should do their best to hide in spawn.
  • One mic: The bottom fragger of your team is the only person allowed to use their mic in this round. They must attempt to make callouts for all of their teammates.
  • How do I stand up?: All teammates should play this full round in a crouched position. You cannot stand up at any time for any reason.
  • X-ray vision: You can only kill enemies through wall bangs. You are allowed to peak to see where they are, but in order to kill them, it must be through a wall.


Please remember that those are only SOME of the challenges that are assigned to the strat roulette, if any of these sound exciting to you make sure you try it, and maybe you’ll find ones that are even more fun to play! 

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