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VALORANT Astra Smokes on Ascent - Best Smokes and Strategies

VALORANT Astra Smokes on Ascent - Best Smokes and Strategies
Written by: Weeii

This will be the only guide you need on the best smokes for Astra on the map Ascent. 
Astra is a versatile agent with a unique set of abilities that make her a valuable addition to any team. Ascent is the oldest map in the game, with a pretty basic overall structure but multiple approaches as to how it can be played.


In this article, we will explore Astra's abilities and highlight the best smokes for each key location on Ascent. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the knowledge to effectively control Ascent and dominate your opponents with Astra. Get ready to take your gameplay to the next level!

Setups - Attack

The attacking side is rather needy when it comes to you as an Astra player or controller in general. How important Mid control is on this map, many angles to look out for and cover and so much more to take into account before you initiate a good execute. Here are the best Astra smokes & setups for attacking on Ascent:


Attacking A is not too complex in view but has a lot of variations. Smoking Heaven and Door is a perfect suit and don’t forget to stun generator or green boxes. 


You can as well double smoke heaven but this is only viable if you have a sage wall or any compensatory ability that can fill the gap in doors. As only closing the door is not a reliable strategy. Here is the variation where you stun generator, it all depends on where you expect the enemy to be. 


For executing B, make sure you smoke Market & CT as these two smoke are mandatory and they are not to be changed. There you can use your stun on stairs or possibly lane if you expect a player to be there. 


Another way to go through B is to use your stun for early or close peekers at the start of the round. This will force any jett or reyna to immediately move away from that position if they were trying to get a first pick of you. 


Attacking Mid is an important factor in this map. But you always have to end in a site, so for taking mid to enter b site this is the most effective setup you can do. Smoking CT link, stunning close market in the common angle that many players hold and smoking CT to effectively and safely enter the B site from market.


For the other way around, you can simply smoke short and stun it, smoke heaven and quickly execute through site. 

Please note that when you’re executing a mid push, that doesn’t necessarily require all of your teammates to be in mid. You can split attack and assign most to be in mid, as it’s not efficient to just go by 5 to any spot. 

Setups - Defense

Astra can very much be filling a Sentinel’s role on defense by locking down a site. By no means is she as good as killjoy or cypher for example, but with her pull she is given a unique ability that can effectively stop the enemy’s momentum when entering through her smokes. Here are the best defensive setups for Astra on Ascent:


For this setup you’re prompted to smoke short & A main with a pull in front of A to ensure that you don’t let your enemies execute. As soon as you pull and know you’ve caught enemies into it, you can wait for a second then peek from heaven or generator to earn some kills.


The best way to play A is by playing for A main control whether you end up taking it or not. You can easily do that by placing a star on top of the little wall on A lobby to create a one way, using a stun or a pull and you are definitely able to hold that for a while or at least, force utility out of your enemies. Don’t forget to smoke short as it could be A split. 


To defend B, simply smoke main and place a pull towards it. 


If you’re playing for complete mid control, then prioritize stunning top mid as you smoke it and mid link to walk out into mid. Typically you should only do that in an eco round. 

Setups - Ultimates

Unique to Astra and not any other controller is her ultimate that is a gigantic wall crossing the entire map blocking both sounds and bullets. And since it’s an ability that needs to be used properly, here’s how you can implement it in-game:


In this ultimate you create a safe way to go into B site directly. Stun stairs or close into logs so nobody walks up into you, and immediately rush into the site. 


For A, you can smoke short and possibly stun behind the smoke while ulting against Heaven just like in the picture. 

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