Cypher Valorant Guide

Cypher Valorant Guide
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Cypher Valorant guide that will explain everything you need to know about the Agent and the best way to play with it. From his strengths to weaknesses, you will find everything you need to know about Cypher.



Cypher Role


Cypher is one of the four available Sentinels in the game. The Agent was added to the game from Beta. Every Agent in the game has a role, and Cypher is a Sentinel. Also, he is an anchor.





  • Credits: 200
  • Uses: 2
  • Damage: 5
  • Concuss duration: 3 seconds


When you equip Trapwire, your crosshair will be replaced by an indicator for placing a trapwire. If you can cast trapwire, this indicator will be blue. If you can’t cast trapwire, your indicator will be red. To cast trapwire you need to have two pieces of terrain opposite each other (this can be wall-to-wall or floor-to-roof).


The maximum distance between two pieces should not exceed 20 meters. During casting this ability, the wire will travel to the location and briefly deploy, creating a trap. After that, the wire will be invisible, and you can recall it.



Enemies that are close to the wire can destroy it, as it starts to glow red and make a sound. You can destroy wires via damage by guns or some damaging abilities. Enemies don't need to see the wire to destroy it. If you know that the enemy Cypher is constantly placing them in certain places, then just shoot in those places.



If an enemy agent or some ability (Skye’s Tasmanian tiger or Sova’s drone) touches the wire, then he deals damage to him (5), starts pulling the target, and when you try to move away from the wire, you will be returned to him. You also become visible to Cypher's allies. As soon as you, or your ally, break the wire, then all the effects will disappear in the same second.


If a Cypher is killed during the round, any placed wires will deactivate and reveal their positions.



Cyber Cage


  • Credits: 100
  • Function: Vision Blocker
  • Uses: 2
  • Duration: 7 seconds


When you use Cyber Cage, you create a zone that blocks vision and plays an audio cue when enemies pass through it. The Cylinder zone is next: 4-meter radius, 8-meter total height, and (4-meter height for standard deployment on solid, even ground).



To activate the cage, the cypher must press a button while looking at it. You can activate through the walls, as well as through the camera.





  • Ability type: Signature
  • Uses: 1
  • Restock: 45 seconds (Destroyed); 15 seconds (Recalled)


Spycam is an intel Cypher’s ability. When you equip Spycam, your crosshair will be replaced with an indicator for placing a camera. In the same case with the wire, if you can install the camera, the indicator will be blue. If not, then red. A suitable place to install the camera may be a wall with enough verticality and Cypher must be within a certain distance of the target location to cast the ability. During casting, Spycam will travel to the location, which you choose, briefly deploy, turning invisible once this process is complete. Also, you can recall the Spycam. But after recall, Spycam has a 15 seconds delay for casting.



When you use the camera, you can see everything in front of it and within the hemisphere. But during using the camera, Cypher’s body will remain still in a channeling position whilst using the camera, leaving himself vulnerable to enemy gunfire and utility. If Cypher's body takes damage whilst he is in control of Spycam, the ability will be unequipped.



Also, when using the camera, you can aim at an opponent and shoot him with a dart. This dart will show the location of the opponent. To remove it, the agent needs to hold "F" for a few seconds. The opponent can destroy the camera with any damage, as if from a weapon or ability. When someone destroys your camera, Cypher will immediately know about it, and after 40 seconds he will receive a new one.


A little more interesting information about Spycam:


  • Equip time: 0.85 seconds
  • Max deploy distance: 20 meters
  • Deploy time: 1.15 seconds
  • Reveal tick/tick Rate: 1 every 2 seconds
  • Dart Cooldown: 6 seconds



Neural Theft


  • Ability Type: Ultimate
  • Function: Intel
  • Ult Points: 6

Neutal Theft is an intel Cypher’s ability. This ability Cypher can instantly use on the corpse of any dead enemy agent in his crosshairs.  When the Cypher’s hat reaches the enemy’s corpse, all allies will receive information about the location of the opponent on the map.


Only during 20 seconds after the enemy's death, Cypher can use Neural Theft, and within a radius of 12 meters.




How you should Play with Cypher


Cypher is an Anchor, so your main goal in each round - stay live as long as possible. In most cases, you need to place traps and cages on the site to stop the opponent's exit and interfere with their plans. You also need to communicate well with your allies in order to quickly and clearly convey the information you receive from cameras, traps, and cages.


Get ready that most of the time you will have to stand in one place, look into the camera and wait for your opponent. When playing Cypher, you definitely need to have patience.



Cypher Weakness


With the advent of the Chamber, Cypher weakened a little. Chamber traps are more effective than Cypher's trapwire because they have a huge range and provide more information. But we haven't seen Chamber at the pro level yet. Also, in order to use his ultimate, Cypher needs to get pretty close to the corpse. If the corpse is somewhere in the middle of the map, in an open area that the opponent is viewing, then it is difficult to easily use it.

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