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The 5 Best Mouses for Valorant in 2023

The 5 Best Mouses for Valorant in 2023
Image Credit: Logitech
Written by: carrico14
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Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games today. A highly competitive title, you’ll need some top-grade gear to get a good chance at hitting the top of the leaderboard. If you’re committed to practicing and honing your skills, you’ll need a gaming mouse that can keep up with the tactile demands that come with Valorant.


Today, we’ve compiled some of the best gaming mice in the market currently in order to provide some choices for you. Read the descriptions we’ve created for these products to know if they are the perfect fit for you. Regardless, every mouse included in this list is perfect for getting you to the top of the Valorant Ranks.



Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse


This gaming mouse is from one of the most trusted gaming peripheral manufacturers. Logitech has made some of the sturdiest hardware in recent memory. The G Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse was created in collaboration with various eSports Pros including former CS:GO legend and popular Twitch Streamer, Shroud.



Weighing just 63 grams, this is one of the lightest gaming mice on the market today. It’s powered by Logitech’s Lightspeed technology, making it one of the most reliable pro mice offered by Logitech Gaming. It also comes equipped with the famed Hero sensor from Logitech. This sensor makes the mouse extremely fast, super sensitive, and very reliable.


With this mouse, you’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of large PTFE feet at the bottom of the mouse, allowing your immersion with the game to be deeper than ever. If you want to see your name on the leaderboard at the top of your rank, this is a mouse to go with.



SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse


If you’re looking for a premium gaming mouse with reliability, high responsiveness, and a lightweight design, the Rival 600 can fulfill those needs without you breaking the bank.


The SteelSeries mouse is equipped with the brand’s classic true move 3 sensor design. This features 12,000 CPI, a 300 IPS optical sensor with 1-to-1 tracking included. All these specifications add up to a gaming mouse that is fully capable of making you engage in tight battles without losing your cool.



It’s extremely responsive and reactive down to the tiniest motion. The split trigger design featured on this mouse allows for 60 million mechanical switches. In an FPS title like Valorant, you’ll definitely take advantage of those seemingly limitless clicks to watch your opponents go down.


As you get sweaty palms from gripping this mouse in long sessions of climbing up the Valorant Ranks, you’ll enjoy the benefit of having the silicone side grips for a comfortable hold. The premium magnetic wrist rest is also super helpful for palm support and ergonomic comfort.



Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse


The Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse is a lightweight gaming mouse option for ambidextrous gamers. As a wired mouse, you’ll have a little weight to content with, but this issue is basically eliminated thanks to the hole design.



With the honeycomb holes all over this mouse, you’ll get to enjoy an extremely light gaming mouse in your long gaming sessions. The intent of the honeycomb is to allow the mouse to basically be an extension of your hand. With this little load to move around, you’ll be gliding your way through headshots for hours. 


In Valorant, you’ll also have an extra smooth 360 movement access thanks to the 100 percent pure Virgin PTFE that will let you glide back and forth with extreme ease. Seeing yourself on the leaderboard will be extra worth it thanks to the Glorious Model O.

The cherry on top of this awesome package is the addition of cool lighting effects to complete the gamer aesthetic.



Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse


Razer is a gaming company that has always produced popular products in the gaming and eSports spaces. This mouse is easily suitable for pretty much any PC game. Its aesthetics are iconic as the design has inspired many other gaming mice that were released following its acclaim.



The simple ambidextrous design makes it suitable for both left and right-handed users. It features two side buttons on either side of the mouse, making for a total of 4 side buttons. If you have an advanced claw grip, you can take advantage of all these buttons in a competitive setting. They can be bound to your Agent abilities in Valorant, and even with a spare button for Push-to-Talk if you like that idea.


At 74g, the Viper Ultimate is one of the lightest gaming mice out there, making it comfortable for longer gaming sessions. For the in-game quality of life, the Viper Ultimate has a battery rated at 70 hours on a single charge with virtually no noticeable latency in games. At 0.2ms, there’s no way you won’t shoot first ahead of opponents.



Logitech G Pro Wireless


The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a gaming mouse that has been revered in the streaming and eSports communities alike. Many pro players swear behind the efficiency of this mouse. Even Shroud himself considered it the ideal gaming mouse at a point. This Wireless Mouse is a rechargeable one with 80 grams of weight.



The main kicker is its awesome sensor. Using Logitech’s innovative LIGHTSPEED design tech, the mouse is as fast as a wired connection with no tinge of lag or connection problems. This mouse is one that should be at the top of your radar if you’re looking for the best possible choice for climbing the leaderboard in Valorant.


The G pro wireless also features 50 hours of battery life, modular side buttons, and an ambidextrous shape for every type of gaming affinity to enjoy. You won’t regret the quality of your experience with this mouse at your fingertips.



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