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The Best Sage Walls On Lotus

The Best Sage Walls On Lotus
Written by: Weeii

Mastering the strategic use of Agents' abilities can often mean the difference between victory and defeat. Sage, the healer and sentinel extraordinaire, plays a pivotal role in controlling the battlefield with her heals and ice-cold barriers. Today, we delve deeper of optimal strategies to discover the best Sage walls out there.


From the most effective wall placements to the nuances of defensive and offensive tactics, this comprehensive guide will be your ultimate resource to elevate your Sage gameplay and dominate in your next matches. This guide will include a little bit of everything, such as Attacking, Defensive and even Post Plant walls. So, buckle up, and let's go on a journey together as we unlock the best Sage wall spots you can use on the map Lotus.




Sage Off Angle Walls


As a Sage, you’re often required to use your walls and slows to help delay or stop an execute so that you fulfill your Sentinel role duties. But walling off choke points can become very repetitive and therefore, it will be countered. So what do you do? Now you will explore one of the most fun aspects of playing Sage where you’ll be able to create off angles and unexpected plays by placing your wall in unusual but very beneficial spots. Here are the best plays you can create:



As you attack A site, this will be an incredible option to surprise your enemies and try to catch them off guard. This wall will help you fight closer angles as well and it’ll give some sort of a different head height than if you just get on top of Rubble which will also assist your combat from that area. 


To do it, come over to this corner and just wall yourself and/or your teammates up and then you’ll be able to fight from on top of Rubble, the wall and even take cover to the corner if you’re on top of the wall. 


This second wall is mostly used when you’re locking down Tree on the defensive side on A. It’s especially useful because it’ll help you create a hideout and it’s also incredibly hard to destroy. You have to imagine that enemies will be pressured from the rotating door and your presence, adding to that using the wall corners you might just stop an entire Tree push by yourself. 


This is how it looks like in-game, doing it is very simple and straight forward all you need is to rotate it to this certain angle and place it down. You can do that by holding Right Click while your wall ability is out. 


This is an another defensive wall for A site, but this time it’ll help you block the main chokepoint into site while potentially creating an aggressive and surprising play for you as a Sage. 


To do it, just find this corner by the wooden box and place your wall as such. You can either use it to block enemies or to as well go on top of it and take fights from that elevated height. By crouching behind the wooden box, this will make you unseen which can also create a sneaky play if enemies don’t check you. 


Moving over to B site, this is the ultimate wall that you can use when you’re attacking. It blocks the waterfall chokepoint which is essential for rotations especially from C site, but you can as well get  on top of that wall and earn yourself some free kills as they try to break through.


This is how it looks like in-game, and for this you won’t need any specific angle but rather just place the wall instantly. 


For C site, taking control of C main and walling off this point can be a round changing difference. It might seem weird to some, but this wall creates an amazing hideout on its corners and places a lot of pressure on enemies trying to regain that area of the map. 


This is how it looks like and you can also get on top of the wall to fight from an elevated off-angle. 

Sage Plant Walls


Aside from Off Angles and defending sites, you as a sentinel play a very important role in post plant scenarios. Now you might ask, what can you do as a Sage? A slow lineup won’t do or help stopping enemies from defusing the spike. But, you can still use your walls to block off the spike which in return will make it harder for defenders to break it as they retake and try to tap the spike. In rounds where a few seconds are the difference, these wall spots are going to be a round changing play. So here are the best Sage walls to use after you’ve planted the spike:


For the A plant on A site, this wall will serve you well as you block off the default planting spot after the spike has gone down. This will essentially help you delay any refusals as they need to fully break 2 pieces of the wall before getting to tap the spike. 


To do it, angle the wall like so and place it ONLY after you’ve planted the spike. This will also make it more troublesome for defenders to retake site as the wall blocks some on each side. 


For C site, this wall is inevitably the way to go. By planting the spike for main you create tons of pressure and adding to it a wall as such in the picture, you’ll be making it borderline impossible for enemies to defuse if played correctly. 


To do it, angle it like shown in the picture and jump over to C main or play in site if you wish. Either way, this can earn you a kill with enemies distracted breaking the wall or earn you a win by enemies delayed to defuse the spike. Paired with killjoy mollies or any lineups, this will be a deadly combo to win any round in your matches.


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