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The Best Brimstone Molly Lineups On Fracture

The Best Brimstone Molly Lineups On Fracture
Written by: Weeii

Brimstone Lineup Mollies have become a staple in the arsenal of experienced players, capable of turning the tide of a match with their explosive impact. These molotov cocktails are not merely random fireballs; they are precise tools of destruction, meticulously placed to trap enemies, deny access to key areas, and force opponents into disadvantageous positions.


As we delve into the intricacies of the Brimstone Lineup Mollies, we will explore their strategic applications, uncovering the hidden depths of their utility and analyzing how they can be employed to dismantle the opposition's defenses. Whether you're a seasoned veteran looking to refine your Brimstone play or a newcomer eager to learn the secrets behind this potent ability, this article aims to provide valuable insights that will elevate your gameplay to new heights.


From locking down bomb sites to defending crucial chokepoints, Brimstone's molotovs can be the difference between victory and defeat. We will take an in-depth look at specific Lineup Mollies on Fracture highlighting the key angles and placements that maximize their impact.



Brimstone Post Plant Mollies


Post-plant scenarios are the lead and meta play on a map like Fracture. Often times, you will need to have set a play where you plant the spike and go back as retaking is often rewarded with advantageous features on this map. However, if you use these lineup that we will demonstrate to you it will elevate your gameplay and ensure you the highest chances of winning any post plant scenario you may encounter next. Follow up to know how you can stop anyone from defusing as a Brimstone:


This very first lineup will serve you when you’re executing A site from dish. As it’ll help you completely hold down your position and still land a molly efficiently, and quickly. This will ensure to get anyone off the spike and will give you the upper edge as playing a lineup from that spot (dish/drop) is quite rare and unaccounted for. It lands on the default planting spot behind the screen boxes under site. 


Doing this lineup is very simple and quick. Come over to this spot on dish and find that corner just as referenced in the picture, and then, shoot your molly. It will land in no time covering the spike in default. 


For this second lineup on A site, you will be able to throw it from Sands which is quite a tactical position as when enemies retake site you can always regain control of that area and use the molly to your advantage buying time and walking up on whoever is trying to defuse. Don’t forget that you can go back to main anytime, which further enables you to win the round. The molly will land on the default planting position.


To do it, come over to this corner and aim your middle HUD line with this spot and then shoot your molly. It’ll take a good few seconds before it fully lands and explodes, so bear that in mind as you’re practicing this lineup in-game. 


This third lineup is the same exact as the previous one, except it’ll hit the second planting spot behind the boxes instead of the corner. It is also done from Sands, so you would need to care about the fact that the spike will not be planted for you if you’re in a clutch situation. 


Doing it is quite simple, this time, you will be using your HP HUD bar to line it up with this corner. Please note that for this lineup you do need to be moving a little bit to the right as opposed to the previous one. 


Coming into B site, this lineup from far back on tree which will aim to land precisely on the default planting spot. It can easily elevate your post plant on B site as it’s safe to do and can be used to strategically allow for great outcome. 


To do it, come over and tuck yourself in this corner in B lobby tree, and aim your crosshair exactly at this spot of the leaf. Then, simply shoot your molly and it’ll take a few seconds before landing. 


This second lineup will be easier to do as it’s from B main but this time it’ll cover the planting spot on the corner instead of default. If your teammates plant there, this is your way to go. 


Simply come over to this corner and tuck yourself against it, then aim your crosshair at this spot just as referenced in the picture, and then shoot your molly. It’ll land very quickly and accurately. 


Here’s another from the same exact position on B main but aimed to hit the default planting spot instead. 


Be aware that you will need to jump on the box and go to the front for this one, so instead of tucking yourself in you will tuck your back to the corner you previously stood for the last lineup. Then, find this spot just as in the picture and shoot your molly. 


If you’re more of a lurker, this will be the perfect lineup to hit the default landing spot from Arcade. It is not strictly applied to lurkers, as you may be in towers and want to take a wrap around, you will find yourself in need of it in such case too. 


To do it, come over to this spot on Arcade (look at the minimap) and then aim your crosshair at this point on the leaf just like in the picture. Then, throw your molly, it will bounce twice before fully exploding so keep that in mind. 


Pro Tip: It is important to calculate the timings each lineup take, as in different situations you’d need to know how long your molly takes before landing to ensure you’re getting them off the spike at the right time and utilizing that to your advantage.

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